News 2010

30. December

Results Evening
Tonight the last three third Round matches were played and once again one match ended with a sensation - Vincent van der Voort defeated last years runner-up Simon Whitlock and adavanced into the quarterfinals.
Raymond van Barneveld didn't show his best performance but managed to win a tough match against Colin Osborne.
In the last match of the evening a relaxed Wes Newton had no problems at all to overcome Mensur Suljovic with 4:0. Suljovic who had impressed in defeating James Wade never seemed to be really in the match.
Tommorow the tournament takes a day off - it will go on on the first of January with the quarterfinals.
Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Third Round (2)

On the occasion of the PDC World Championship in the Who-is-who now at least this years Walk-on-Girls are introduced.


Results Afternoon
All three third Round matches of the afternoon were won by the favourites: Adrian Lewis defeated Robert Thornton 4:1, Gary Anderson won against Andy Smith 4:0 and had with aRound 108 the highest average of the tournamen so far and Terry Jenkins was a 4:0 winner over Mark Walsh.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Third Round (2)

World Championship Blog 9
In the eigth World Championship Blog the Darts Performance Center talks about Peter Wright, the possibility of "Learning by Watching" and once again the three-dart average.
Day 11

29. December
Results Evening
The first match of the evening was the last second Round match between Raymond van Barneveld and Kevin McDine - van Barneveld won it with 4:1.
After it the first two third Round matches were played. Mark Webster won against Mark Hylton, Phil Taylor defeated Peter Wright. Webster and Taylor now will meet in the quarterfinals on Saturday.
Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Second Round (3) and Third Round (1)

Results Afternoon
While the first match of the afternoon was a clear win for Colin Osborne the other two matches were rather tough. Gary Anderson for a long time looked like the sure winner but Dennis Priestley started a brave comeback and almost managed the 3:3. In the end Anderson won 4:2.
Even closer was the last match between Andy Smith and Mervyn King - Andy Smith had a 3:0 lead when King started his comeback and managed to get the 3:3. In the last set Smith regained the command and won 4:3.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Second Round (3)

World Championship Blog 8
In the eigth World Championship Blog the Darts Performance Center has a closer look at the "P" word, some more heroes and what we can learn from the match between Mensur Suljovic and James Wade...
Day 10

28. December
Results Evening

The evening session ended with a sensation when Austrian Mensur Suljovic threw world number two James Wade out of the tournament. Wade never seemed to settle in the match and seemed to be irritated by Suljovics slow throwing rhythm.
The other two matches brought convincing 4:0 wins of Wes Newton and Simon Whitlock.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Second Round (2)

Results Afternoon
The first match of the afternoon session between Mark Walsh and Alan Tabern developed into a thriller and lasted almost two hours. Tabern had several darts to win the match but missed and let Mark Walsh back into the game. Walsh won the deciding set 6:4.
Vincent van der Voort defeated Wayne Jones and Terry Jenkins had no problems at all to advance against Steve Brown into the third Round.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Second Round (2)

World Championship Blog 7
In the seventh World Championship Blog the Darts Performance Center tells us about Christmas presents which helped with quotes suitable for the PDC World Championship.
Assisted by this the Darts Analyst takes a closer look at Adrian Lewis and Peter Wright.
Day 9

27. December
Results Evening
After Paul Nicholson, Ronnie Baxter and Andy Hamilton another Top 16 player after the evening session is out of the tournament - Colin Lloyd was defeated by Mark Hylton - who played another strong performance - with 2:4.
Adrian Lewis didn't have a problem with Mark Dudbridge nor had Phil Taylor though Per Laursen played quite a good match.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Second Round (1)

Results Afternoon Session
Peter Wright once again managed a sensation and defeated in the second Round matches this afternoon Paul Nicholson with 4:2. He'll now probably will meet Phil Taylor in the third Round of the World Championship.
The two other convincing winners of the afternoon were Mark Webster and Robert Thornton.

PDC World Championship second Round
The PDC World Championship will continue today in London with the second Round.
There'll be played an afternoon and an evening session both with three matches. In the last match of the evening Phil Taylor will meet Per Laursen.

Result-Table and Statistics

Dobromyslova back to BDO

Anastasia Dobromyslova has cancelled her membership with the PDPA and will return to the BDO.
She never played really successfully in the PDC Circuit and didn't manage to secure herself a Tour Card for 2011. So now she decided to join again the ladies on the BDO/WDF circuit.

New BDO Homepage
A short time ago the WDF surprised us with a new and clearly laid out homepage now the BDO offers a new outfit as well.
One has to get used to it first but it certainly offers quite a lot of informations for the upcoming BDO World Championship in Lakeside.

Tournaments on the Philippines
A short time before Christmas on the Philippines the Philippine Masters and die Philippine International Open were played.
The Masters were won by the well known and as well international quite successful Ronald "The Highlander" Briones against the 18 year old Newcomer Jaypee Detablan.
Jaypee Detablan then went on to convincingly win the Philippine International Open.

23. Dezember
Day seven of the World Championship
On day seven we did see the certainly weakest first Round match so far between Barrie Bates and Kevin McDine - it was won by McDine.
Other first Round winner were Colin Osborne, Raymond van Barneveld and Jamie Caven.

Result-Table and Statistics

21. December
Day six of the World Championship
Day six brought no really great surprises.
As match winners into Round two progressed Mensur Suljovic, Terry Jenkins, Steve Brown and Vincent van der Voort. Neither Michael von Gerwen nor Jelle Klaasen really foand into their matches.

Result-Table and Statistics

Here come the girls...

Though I still sit in London as there are now flights at all from Heathrow I thought I should change the topic...
And this of course is always of interest!
Here come the girls...

PDC World Championship Blog 4
Is there a right approach to throw the third dart? A winners list and Jyhan Artut.
Day 5

20. December
Painter out of tournament
The surprise of the evening was Brendan Dolans win over Kevin Painter.
Beside Brendan Dolan Alan Tabern, James Wade and a Denis Ovens with flue reached the second Round.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports 5. Day

The snow is still a topic...
It didn't snow now for almost two days in London but the weather still is a topic though today finally the airports opened again...But of course other things are going on as well for example the Ladscup.

Still the weather...

World Championship goes on
Today the first Round of the PDC World Championship goes on.
Beside former World Champion Richie Burnett we'll see the first match of the bookmakers favourit to win this years World Championship: James Wade.

19. December
Per Laursen causes uproar
Per Laursen managed to overcome the threetime World Champion John Part who very obvious suffered from illness with 3:0 and now will meet Phil Taylor in Round two after Christmas.

Other winners of the evening were Wayne Jones, Robert Thornton and Wes Newton who all will return after Christmas.

Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Day 4

Taylor is runner-up
Tonight in Birmingham the awards night for the 2010 BBC Personality of the year took place.
Winner was the jockey McCoy.
Phil Taylor came second out of a field of 10 nominees. Never ever before a darts player managed that! That's a big success for the sport of darts.

Goals and Heroes
In the third World Championship Blog the Darts Performance Center talks about goal setting and heroes and that you can learn a lot even of a weak darts match...
Day 3

18. December
Crowd Favourite Hashimoto
The Japanese player Morihiro Hashimoto defeated Matt Padgett in his Preliminary Round match and was after that celebrated by the crowd.
His first Round match against Gary Anderson he lost clearly 0:3, but Hashimoto played a good match.
The other matches of the evening had clear results as well - Andy Hamilton, Mark Dudbridge and Simon Whitlock will join Gary Anderson in the second Round.
Result-Table and Statistics
Reports Day 3

Winter in London

Beside the PDC World Championship of course the weather is at the moment topic number 1 in Great Britain. People can't do their Christmas shopping and a lot of holiday trips fall through because of the snow...

Winter in London

PDC World Championship Blog 2
Referees, sloppy third darts and - of course - lists:
Day 2

17. December
Day Two
The second day of the PDC World Championship started with a surprise when Peter Wright won against Co Stompe.
Almost a sensation managed German Andree Welge who brought Colin Lloyd on the brink of defeat.
The other two matches were won by favourites Adrian Lewis and Ronnie Baxter.

Result Table and Statistics
Reports Day 2

World Championship Blog 1

On day 1 once again the three-dart-average is a topic:
Day 1

16. December
Results first day
The first evening brought a sensation - Mark Hylton defeated at his debut in the Ally Pally Steve Beaton 3:2. In all other matches the favourites won though Phil Taylors win was not convincing at all.

Result Table and Statistics
Reports Day 1

Today in London the PDC World Championship will start
and the Darts Performance Center of course will follow the action in a blog.
But first a preview:

15. December
Interview with Justin Pipe
Justin Pipe is one of the newcomers at the PDC World Championship which will begin tomorrow in London.
He is the third player sponsored by the SOD froum.
The interview will help to get to know him.
Interview with Justin Pipe

Darts Performance Center Competition

The Darts Performance Center invites you to take part in a competition and to win a new darts book - Darts Miscellanous.
Everybody who sends till Saturday his list of darts trivia to the Darts Perfomance Center will enter the draw for a signed copy.

Modra can't take part in PDC World Championship
The Australian number 1 Robert Modra had to withdrew from the PDC World Championship as he was unable to obtain the requested visa.
His place now will be taken by Kirk Sheperd.

13. December
Zuiderduin Masters
Trina Gulliver, Scot Ross Montgomery and Jimmy Hendriks won the titles of the Zuiderduin Masters.
Trina Gulliver won the ladies final against Francisca Hoenselaar, Ross Montgomery defeated Robbie Green - who had eliminated World Champion Martin Adams in the semifinals - in a close match and Jimmy Hendriks won the youth final against Ricky de Vos.
Zuiderduin Masters

11. December
Zuiderduin Masters
In the final of the ladies tournament on Sanday long-time rivals Trina Gulliver and Francisca Hoenselaar will meet. Gulliver defeated Karin Krappen in the semifinals, Hoenselaar Deta Hedman.
Rickey de Voss and Jimmy Hendriks will play the youth final.
Beside those two finals the men's quarter finals, semi finals and final will be played on Sanday.
Zuiderduin Masters

10. December
PDC Player of the Year
Once again dart fans can vote on the PDC homepahe for "their" Player of the year.
The winner will get his trophy during the Award Dinner in January 2011.
One can vote for the first 32 of the PDC Order of Merit.

Zuiderduin Masters
Today the Zuiderduin Masters will begin in which all the BDO top players take part who either qualified or got a Wild Card.

Information, Participants and Results:
Zuiderduin Masters

8. December
Italian Open
The Italian Franco Bertini won the Men's title of the Italian Open, he defeated Luca Catallo 5:2 in the final.
The Ladies title was won by Laura Ariani.

6. December
Darts Performance Center and PDC World Cup
Now - did the statistics lie?? Not really but there are some flaws we'll have to eradicate till the World Championship...

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

5. December
Team Netherlands wins World Cup
Raymond van Barneveld and Co Stompe won the final of the first PDC World Cup against Team Wales with Mark Webster and Barrie Bates.
The Welsh Team had after a dramatic win over the Australian Team reached the final, but lost there in the concluding double.
PDC World Cup
Reports Semifinals and Final

Darts Performance Center and PDC World Cup
Looking at the statistic - who'll be the winner of the tournament? And how much influence has the team spirit on the chances?

The GP Analysis (Great Pair)

Semifinals and Final PDC World Cup
Today the semifinals and the final of the inaugural PDC World Cup will be played.
In the first semifinal this afternoon Team Netherlands, first of Group A, will play Team Spain, the second of Group B.
In the second semifinal Team Wales, first of Group B, will meet Team Australia, second in Group A.
Each semifinal will consist of four single matches and, should it be necessary, one double.
In the evening the final will be played.
PDC World Cup

4. December
World Cup Group B
Team Wales and Team Spain progressed to the semifinals.
Team Wales was ranked first in the table, Team Spain followed on second place. Scotland was ranked third, Team USA ended on place four.

World Cup Group A
Team Netherlands and Team Australia progressed to the semifinals.
Team Netherlands ended on first place of the final table, Australia on place two. Canada ended on place three, Austria on the last place.
PDC World Cup

Darts Performance Center and PDC World Cup
The Darts Performance Center tried to find out which Teams really were "good teams" and which never heard of or believed in in teamwork...

World Cup Day 1

World Cup Second Round
In Round two of the inaugural Grand Slam of Darts the Spanish Team sensationally threw favourite England out of the tournament.
Beside team Spain the teams from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Scotland and Wales progressed to the third Round.
Today the group phase will be played in two sessions.
Groups and Matches:
PDC World Cup

3. December
World Cup First Round
The first Round of the PDC World Cup this afternoon ended with wins for the teams from Belgium, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and the Republic of Ireland.
Those teams will play tonight in the second Round against the eight seeded teams. Team Germany had a bye first Round as their opponents from the Czech Republic had to withdrew due to the weather conditions.

All matches and more information:
PDC World Cup

Darts Performance Center and PDC World Cup
The Darts Performance Center will have a closer look at the PDC World Cup.
In its first Blog we'll hear what makes a successfull team:
It's a Team Game

PDC World Cup and weather
The PDC World Cup which starts today suffers ander the weather all over Europe.
The team from the Czech Republic had to withdraw as all flights were cancelled. So the German team now will enter the tournament in Round two to play the Netherlands.
The Swedish team will arrive late and now will play the fifth match of the afternoon in first Round.
PDC World Cup

1. December
PDC World Championship Schedule
The PDC has published the schedule of the first Round of the World Championship.
Phil Taylor will play his first Round match on the first evening of the World Championship, the 16. December, Raymond van Barneveld will play on 22. December.
PDC World Championship

29. November
Draw First Round PDC World Championship
The draw for the first Round of the PDC World Championship is now online.
Title holder Phil Taylor will meet the winner of Mawson/Giozon in his first match while Raymond van Barnevelds first opponent will be Steve Hine.
PDC World Championship

PDC World Cup
The draw for the second Round and the two Groups of the group phase is now online.
Favorite England will meet either Spain or Japan in it's first match and would probably share Group B with the teams of the USA, Wales and Scotland.
PDC World Cup

28. November
Draw for the Preliminary Round

After the PDPA Qualifier the draw for the Preliminary Round of the PDC World Championship took place.
You can find all Preliminary Round matches and the complete list of participants here:
PDC World Championship

PDPA Qualifier
Alex Roy won the PDPA Qualification for the PDC World Championship and secured himself a place in the first Round. It will be Roy's 13. World Championship and it was the first time he had to play the qualification.
As the Russian qualifier, Andrej Rashnikoff, will not be able to travel to London, his place in the Preliminary Round was given to the runner-up of the PDPA Qualifier Matt Padgett.
Derby Weekend

PDC World Championship
After the weekend it's definite which players qualify via the PDC Order of Merit and which from the Players Championship Order of Merit.
Till tonight all participants will be known.
Tomorrow the draw for the preliminary Round and the first Round will take place.
All that is known at the moment you can find here:
PDC World Championship

Center Parc Masters
The WDF/BDO tournament took place in Lommel and Belgium. The winners were Englands Scotty Mitchell and Francis Hoenselaar from the Netherlands.
Mitchell defeated Vern Sheppard, Hoenselaar edged out Deta Hedman.

27. November
Mark Walsh wins on Sanday
In the final of the second Players Championship again Phil Taylor and Mark Walsh met but this time the winner was Mark Walsh who defeated Phil Taylor 6:4.
Other semifinalist were Simon Whitlock and - certainly a big surprise - Wayne Mardle. Would Mardle have won the tournament he would have been qualified for the World Championship.
He'll have another chance tomorrow in the PDPA qualifier.
Derby Weekend

Jyhan Artut wins German Championship
This weekend the German Championship of the PDC Europe was played. As last year the winner was Jyhan Artut who collected the most points over the weekend in two singles and a pair tournament.
For his win he got again a wild card for the PDC World Championship.
Last year he impressed by defeating Wayne Mardle first Round but then lost in Round two to Robert Thornton.

Taylor wins in Derby
The Players Championship in Derby on Saturday was won by Phil Taylor who celebrated his first win since August.
He defeated Mark Walsh in the final 6:3.
Other semifinalists were Justin Pike, who now will play in the PDC World Championship, and Dennis Priestley.
Today another Players Championship will be played.
Derby Weekend

26. November
Mental Toughness

What really is mental toughness? How do top sports define it? And what can dart players learn from that?
How to Bottle Mental Toughness

PDC Derby Weekend
This weekend on Saturday and Sanday the last two Players Championships of the year will be played. It's more or less the last chance to qualify for the PDC World Championship and for the Players Championships finals in February.
On Monday the PDPA Qualifier for the PDC World Championship will take place - the very last chance for all PDPA members who didn't take part in any other national Qualifier to get a place in the World Championship.
Derby Weekend

25. November
PDC World Championship
The draw for the first Round of the World Championship will take place on Tuesday and will be televised live on Sky Sports.
The draw for the preliminary Round will take place first but this will not be televised.
The exact time is not yet known.

Flight School

In his next article George Silberzahn deals with the idea that changes in equipment or technique help to get better.

Making changes

24. November
Lads Cup
The Lads Cup is a new tournament launched by Ladbrokes the main sponsor of the PDC World Championship and will be played on the stage of the Ally Pally between 19. - 23. December.
16 four person Pub teams can take place, Phil Taylor, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Russ Bray will chose them from all applicants.
More informations and some trickshots by Phil Taylor, Jamie Caven, Terry Jenkins and Andy Hamilton you can find on the ladscup homepage.

Participants PDC World Championship
By now some more participants are known.
Per Laursen won the qualifier in Denmark, Veijo Viinikka the qualifier in Finland and Roland Scholten travelled all the way to Spain and won through the Southern Europe qualifier.
This weekend some more qualifications will take place and next Monday in Derby the PDPA qualifier will be played.
PDC World Championship

23. November
Darts Performance Center and Grand Slam

The last Grand Slam blog of the Darts Performance Center deals - at least in parts - with the topic alcohol and darts:
Grand Slam of Darts - Day 9

Zuiderduin Masters
The draw of the ladies and youth tournaments is online as well as the men's groups.
You can find all information here:
Zuiderduin Masters

Open Tournaments
At the weekend several WDF Open Tournaments took place.
The Lithunian Open was won by Arunas Ciplis and Erika Bagdonavicienne from Hungary.
The winners of the Latavia Open were Krzysztof Ratajski from Poland, who'll compete in the PDC World Cup for his country and Maud Jansson from Sweden.
The Malta open had two English winners - Roy Brown and Kerry Simmons.

22. November
Interview mit Tony O'Shea

Though I didn't find the time yet to complete my "personal" Grand Slam reports I at least managed to publish one of the interviews I did in Wolverhampton - the interview with Tony O'Shea.

You can find it here:

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts

Of course the Darts Performance Centre has some ideas about Steve Beaton and the "shocking" crowd:
Grand Slam of Darts Day 8

21. November
Scott Waites wins Grand Slam of Darts

In an amazing final James Wade had a 8:0 lead only to lose in the end 12:16 to Scott Waites.
It looked Wade lost focus somewhere in the match while Waites played very consitently throughout.
Matchreports Semifinals and Final
Grand Slam of Darts

Results Semifinals GSOD
Steve Beaton never reached his great performance of his yesterdays win over Phil Taylor and lost 9:16 to Scott Waites.
The second semifinal was dominated by James Wade who beat local hero Wayne Jones 16:6.
So tonight the Grand Slam final will be Scott Waites v James Wade.
Grand Slam of Darts

20. November
GSOD Quarterfinals - Evening
The first quarterfinal in the evening was a relatively comfortable win for Scott Waites with 16:10 over Co Stompe, who never really was as much un the games as during his last performances.
In the second match Steve Beaton caused a sensation when he defeated last years champion Phil Taylor 16:14.
So tomorrow the following semifinals will be played:
James Wade v Wayne Jones
Scott Waites v Steve Beaton
Matchreports Quarterfinals
Grand Slam of Darts

PDC World Cup
The first PDC World Cup will be played from the 3. - 5. December. Teams from 24 countries will take part, countries from which players playing in the PDC do come from. The teams consist of two players.
The eight top teams are seeded and will enter the tournament in the second Round.
Now the draw for the first Round was announced.
Participants and Draw First Round

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts

Beside the Grand Slam some other darts are played:
Grand Slam of Darts Day 7

GSOD - Quarterfinals Afternoon
Both Quarterfinals in the afternoon developed into real Thrillers and both were won in the 31. Leg.
First local hero Wayne Jones defeated Gary Anderson 16:15, in the second match James Wade was a 16:15 winner over Terry Jenkins. Both players had their chances to win the match, but both showed nerves to find the last double.
Tomorrow in the semifinals Wayne Jones will meet James Wade.

19. November
GSOD - Final Results Second Round

The winners of the last second Round matches tonight were Co Stompe, Scott Waites, Steve Beaton and Phil Taylor who'll now meet tomorrow night in the quarterfinals.

Reports Day 7
Grand Slam of Darts

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts

This time the focus is on Mervyn King:
Grand Slam of Darts Day 6

Grand Slam Results
The winners of yesterdays matches were local hero Wayne Jones, Terry Jenkins, Gary Anderson and James Wade.
Tonight another four second Round matches will be played and Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld once again will stand at the oche.
Reports Day 6
Grand Slam of Darts

18. November
Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts
Phil Taylor again, a not informed Paul Nicholson and the Three-Dart-Average:
Grand Slam of Darts Day 5

17. November
Results GSOD
After the last group matches of the Groups E - H Scott Waites, Co Stompe, Colin Lloyd, Raymond van Barneveld, Ronnie Baxter,Steve Beaton, Ted Hankey and Phil Taylor progressed into the second Round of the Grand Slam.
Phil Taylor played without his glasses, Paul Nicholson was very diappointed to be eliminated though he won two matches and Co Stompe celebrated the most.

Grand Slam of Darts
Tonight the last group matches of the Groups E - H will be played.
Both Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld still have to get a win to progress to the second Round.
Phil Taylor has to play Wes Newton, Raymond van Barneveld Darryl Fitton.
Grand Slam of Darts

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts
Winning without practice? And High Tec?

Bruce Willis Guide to Better Darts

16. November
Grand Slam of Darts
The group phase of the Groups A - D is over and the following players reached the second Round:
Robert Thornton, Colin Osborne, Gary Anderson, Wayne Jones, Mervyn King, Terry Jenkins, Tony O'Shea and James Wade.
Those players will meet in the first second Round matches on Thursday.
Final Tables and pairings can be foand here:

Grand Slam of Darts
Reports Day 4

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts
Review on Day Three - the impressive Ted Hankey and the luckless(?) young player Arron Monk...
Reflection, hairy chests and hairy mammals are all dealt with today!

Grand Slam of Darts
Today the last group matches of the Groups A - D will be played.
Till now only Tony O'Shea and Robert Thornton have progressed to the second Round and Simon Whitlock, Mark Hylton, Stacy Bromberg and Justin Pipe are out of the tournament. Everythings else is still unknow so hopefully there'll be some interesting matches.
Grand Slam of Darts

15. November
Grand Slam of Darts
After his second defeat Adrian Lewis is out of the Grand Slam and Ted Hankey beat Phil Taylor are probably the most surprising results of the second group matches of Groups E - H.
Scott Waites, Ted Hankey and Colin Lloyd are through to the second Round.
Grand Slam of Darts
Reports Day 3

Open Flanders
The Open Flanders were played at the weekend.
The men's final was won by Fabian Rosenbraand who defeated Kim Huybrechts.
Karin Krappen won the ladies title against Patricia de Peuter from Belgium.
Deta Hedman and Gary Robson were the best British participants - both on third place.

Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts
On day two the Darts Performance Centre was most interested in Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis...
Darts and then more darts...

Grand Slam of Darts
After his second defeat Simon Whitlock is the first of the favourits already out of the tournament. He lost in a high class and thrilling contest to Colin Osborne.
Tony O'Shea and Robert Thornton who both played a second strong match are threw to the second Round, Gary Anderson and Mervyn King have to wait for the last group matches on Tuesday.
Tonight the Groups E-H will play their second matches.
Reports Day 2, Evening
Grand Slam of Darts

14. November
Darts Performance Centre and Grand Slam of Darts
Of course the Darts Performance Centre follows all the action of the Grand Slam of Darts.
For every day they intend to publish a blog offering their thoughts.
On the first evening the focus was on Colin Osborne and Mark Webster.
The Grand Slam of Knitting

Grand Slam of Darts Updates
Till now the afternoon session was very thrilling and entertaining and all the matches ended with a 5:4.
Here on Global Darts the results will be always updated as well as the matchreports. The first are already onlined including pictures.
Reports Day 2, Afternoon

Grand Slam of Darts
Yesterday evening most of the favourites won their first group matches; the only real surprise was Dave Chisnall's sure win over a not in form playing Simon Whitlock. Local hero Wayne Jones won his match against Mark Webster.
This afternoon the first group matches of the groups E - H will be played and Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld stand at the oche.
In the evening the winners of yesterday's matches will play the winners and the losers will play the losers.
Grand Slam of Darts
Reports Day 1

12. November
BDO World Championship Draw
Today the draw for the first Round of the BDO World Championship in Lakeside took place.

Defending World Champion Martin Adams will play his first match on Saturday, 1. January 2011 against Tony West while runner-up Dave Chisnall will play on Sanday, 2. January 2011 against Steve West.
First Round Draw

New Column
Adam "Thorn" Smith, an American recrational dart player, interviews members of the American SEWA forum from aRound the world and tells about his own experiences during holiday trips and work - related visits abroad. Of course the focus is on darts but we learn about countries and people as well.
The first interview published here brings us to Uruguay.
Thorn interviews Adam Smith

10. November
Rankings are updated
The rankings were updated today. After the two Players Championships in Bad Nauheim and the Barnsley weekend there were some changes in the PDC rankings - especially in the European Order of Merit.
The Winmau World Masters brought some changes in the BDO and WDF rankings.
PDC Rankings
BDO/WDF Rankings

8. November
Grand Slam of Darts
Tonight both the draw for the groups of the Round robin phase and the draw of the first group matches of the Grand Slam of Darts took place.
The tournament will start on Saturday with the match between Simon Whitlock and Dave Chisnall in Group A.
On Sanday Phil Taylor will play his first match, his opponent will be Michael van Gerwen.
Later in the tournament Phil Taylor will meet Ted Hankey, both players were drawn in Group H.
Grand Slam of Darts

Zuiderduin Masters

Ted Hankey got the last wild card for the Zuiderduin Masters.
So now the field of participants for the tournament played from 11. - 12. December is complete.
Participants and Information

Asia Pacific Cup
The overall winner of this years Asia Pacific Cup was the Australiean Team. Second and third were Japan and New Zealand, both with a big gap in points to the winner.
The Australian players won the women pairs, the men pairs and the men team competition.
The single titles were won from Jannette Jonathan and Koha Kokiri - both from New Zealand.
Czech Open
The czech Open was played at the weekend with a lot of international participants.
Scott Waites won the men's competition - he defeated Dean Winstanley in the finale. The ladies winner was Karin Krappen, her opponent in the final was Lorraine Farlam.

Boris Krcmar is South European Qualifier
Boris Krcmar from Croatia won the South European Qualification for the PDC World Championship and now stand in the Preliminary Round in the Ally Pally.
34 players from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary and Bulgaria took part in the qualification tournament organised by the PDC Europe among them Nandor Bezzeg from Hungary and Osmann Kijamet who both already took part in the PDC World Championship.
Boris Krcmar is the first Croatian player who qualified for the PDC World Championship.
Participants and Information PDC World Championship

7. November
Newton wins again
Wes Newton - who won the Players Championship on Saturday - was the winner on Sanday as well. He defeated Mark Webster 6:1 in the final.
For Wes Newton it was certainly the most successful weekend in his career, on Friday he had already qualified for the Grand Slam.
Other semi finalists were Ronnie Baxter and Mark Walsh.
Mark Dudbridge hit his first competitive Nine-Darter in his match against Wayne Jones.
Participants and Results

6. November
Monk and van Gerwen through to U 21 final
Arron Monk, son of Colin Monk, and Michael van Gerwen will play the final of the PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship during the PDC World Championship on the stage of the Alexandra Palace.
The two young players won through a field of 64 participants.
Arron Monk and Michael van Gerwen got the last two places in the Grand Slam of Darts and beside this were rewarded with a Tour Card for 2011.
U 21 World Championship

Newton wins in Barnsley
Wes Newton won todays Players Championship in Barnsley - he defeated Colin Lloyd in the final 6:3. It was his second Pro Tour win in 2010.
With this win Newton continued a great weekend - he already managed to win one of four ITV wild cards in the ITV qualifier on Friday.
Beside Newton and Lloyd Steve Beaton and Mark Webster reached the semifinals.
Participants and Results

U 21 World Championship
The draw of the U 21 World Championship is now online.
U 21 World Championship

ITV Wildcards
The four ITV Wildcards for the Grand Slam of Darts were won by Justin Pipe, Wes Newton, John Henderson and Mark Hylton.
For Wes Newton it will be his second Grand Slam.
Tonight the last two GSOD places will be taken by the winner and the runner-up of the first PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship.
Participants and Results Qualification

5. November
News from the Darts Performance Centre
Kindly Paul Gillings from the Darts Performance Centre allowed us to publish another article.

The article deals with the advantages of realistic practice.
Realistic Practice Makes Perfect

4. November
Barnsley Weekend
This weekend starting on Friday in Barnsley a PDC Darts weekend will be played.
On Friday the players have a chance to get one of four ITV wild cards in a qualifier open to everybody.
On Saturday a Players Championship will take place followed by the inaugural PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship.
On Sanday a second Players Championship will be played.
Some of the top players will not be there, but those playing still have a chance to qualify for the PDC World Championship and/or the Players Championships Finals.
Participants and Information

3. November
PDC World Championship
Dietmar Burger qualified for the Preliminary Round of the PDC World Championship.
The Austrian player won the East European Qualifier through a field of 39 players from Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.
Participants and Information

Zuiderduin Masters
Two more wild cards for the Zuiderduin Masters were handed out after the Winmau World Masters.
Francisca Hoenselaar got the last wild card for the ladies tournament.
One of the two last wildcards for the men's tournament was given to Jan Dekker.
Participants and Information

New Sponsor for the GSOD
The Daily Mirror will be the new title sponsor for the Grand Slam of Darts later this month.
The Daily Mirror is one of the daily newspapers with a wide circulation in Great Britain. It celebrated the sponsorship agreement on Tuesday with a supplement about the tournament.
After the tournaments this weekend in Barnsley the field of participants will be complete.
The draw then will take place next Monday.
Participants and Information GSOD

1. November
Winmau World Masters
For the third time in a row Martin Adams won the World Masters title - in the final he defeated Stuart Kellet 7:3.

Julie Gore from Wales was the winner of the women's tournament - she won the finale 4:1 to Francisca Hoenselaar.
The girls tournament was as last year won by Zoe Jones while Reece Robinson was the winner of the boys tournament.
Participants and Results

29. October
World Masters - First Day
Reece Robinson, one of the Rileys Qualifiers of the PDC UK Open, reached the final of the Boy's tournament of the Winmau World Masters. There he'll meet his English fellow countryman Kurtis Atkins.
The final of the Girls will be played by Sara Rosen from Sweden and the English girl Zoe Jones.

In the Women's tournament with Trina Gulliver and Deta Hedman two of the favourites are already eliminated.
Two Dutch players, Francisca Hoenselaar and Karin Krappen, will meet Lisa Ashton from England and Julie Gore from Wales in the semifinals.
Participants and Information

Winmau World Masters
Today in Hull the Winmau World Masters will start.
The Girls and the Boys tournament will be played down to the final, women's to the semi finals and men's to the last eight.
Tomorrow the eight seeded players will join this last eight and play down to the semi finals.
The youth finals and the women and men semifinals and final will all be played on Sanday.
Participants and Information

Lakeside Qualifiers
The four places in the BDO World Championship for men were won by Arno Merk and Jan Dekker, who reached the final of the international Play-offs and by Alan Shoutar and Shaun Griffiths who stood in the final of the BDO Men Play-offs.

The two ladies places were secured by Lorraine Farlam and Patricia de Peuter.
Participants and Information

Lakeside Qualification
Today - one day before the Winmau World Masters - the qualifications for the last places for BDO World Championship are played in Hull.

PDC World Cup
The PDC now has announced the 24 Teams which will take part in the PDC World Cup. Each team consists of two players.
The World Cup will be played in Houghton-le-Spring from 3. - 5. December.
In the English team the numbers 1 and 2 of the PDC Order of Merit will play: Phil Taylor and James Wade.

List of participants and Information

26. October
Grand Slam Participants
Yesterday was the qualifying date for the Grand Slam of darts and the qualifiers from the different PDC Rankings are: Ronnie Baxter(Order of Merit), Colin Lloyd(Players Championship Order of Merit) and Vincent van der Voort(European Order of Merit).

List of participants and Information

U 21 World Championship
The last continental qualifier was played at the weekend in Bad Nauheim in Germany and was won by the young Dutch player Benito van de Pas.
As well this weekend the last Rileys qualifiers were played in England and the list of participants now is complete.
With Aaron Monk and Daniel Ovens two sons of PDC Pro players will play in the PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship on 6. November in Barnsley.
List of participants and Information

WDF/BDO tournaments
The Turkish Open was won by Paul Williams who defeated Scott Waites in the final.
The Ladies single cahmpion was Rhian Edwards who won the final against Karen Lawman.

In Canada at the weekend the Bob Jones Memorial was played.
The winner of the men's tournament was Jerry Hull, Robin Curry won the ladies tournament.

25. October
German Darts Trophy
The German Darts Trophy was played at the weekend in Bad Nauheim.

The Players Championship on Saturday had an all Welsh final between Mark Webster and Richie Burnett. Mark Webster defeated Burnett 6:4.
Semifinalists were Simon Whitlock and Andree Welge.

The Final on Sanday was a second edition from one of Saturdays semifinals. This time Simon Whitlock won over Richie Burnett.
Semifinalists were Gary Anderson and Ronnie Baxter.

22. October
BDO World Championship
The BDO announced the participants of the BDO World Championship.
Only the qualifiers from the International Play-offs which will take place during the World Masters are not yet known.
For the first time the qualifications for the men will be played in two groups - one group with the players from Great Britain and the second group with the international players.
BDO World Championship 2011

Australian Masters
The winner of the from the DFA organised Australian Masters was won by Pat Orreal. A few years ago Orreal played for some time on the PDC Pro Tour after he had been invited to the 2007 Grand Slam of Darts. He usually wore similar Hawaii- Shirts as Wayne Mardle when playing.
The ladies winner was Sandra Smith.

PDC World Championship
Preston Ridd from New Zealand, Morihiro Hashimoto from Japan and Juanito "Boy" Gionzon from the Philippines will take part for their countries in the Preliminary Round of the PDC World Championship.
They won the qualification tournaments in their home countries.
PDC World Championship 2011

21. October
Draw Winmau World Masters
On the BDO homepage the draw for the Winmau World Masters was published. There you find as well the complete list of participants.
Draw, Participants

Eight of the BDO Top players will not enter the tournament before the last 16, where they are seeded: Martin Adams, Scott Waites, Tony O'Shea, Dean Winstanley, Stuart Kellet,Ross Montgomery, Gary Thompson and Steve West.

The World Master will be played in Hull from 29. - 31. October.
Players from 38 countries will take part, playing single tournaments for men, women, girls and boys.
More Information

20. October
Deafinitley Darts
What is behind the campaign which the PDC promotes which pictures like this here from Andy Hamilton and Colin Osborne?
Inspired by the campaign I looked for other ties between deaf people and darts.
Darts? De(a)finitley!!!

U 21 World Championship
With Bryce Book, a young Canadian player, who qualified for North America most international qualifiers now are decided. Next weekend the last international qualification will be played in Bad Nauheim.
Last Saturday was the first date for the Rileys qualifications all over Great Britain - 23 young players could qualify.
Informations, Participants

19. October
Darts Performance Centre
Darts Performance Centre foanded by the sports scientist Paul Gillings is now Online. The Darts Performance Centre offers different means for all dart players to improve using the methods of modern sports science.

To be able to have access you have to register:
Darts Performance Centre

To get an insight in what is going on there Paul Gillings kindly allowed Global Darts to publish from time to time some of his articles.
What is the Darts Performance Centre? - More Information
First article:
A Darts Match - From a Sports Science Angle by Paul Gillings MSc

18. October
Anderson wins in Ireland
With a 6:1 win over Dennis Smith Gary Anderson claimed his 4. PDC Pro Tour Title in 2010. Dennis Smith by reaching the final got closer to a place in the PDC World Championship.
Phil Taylor lost fourth Round to Joe Cullen. The best Irish participants, Brendan Dolan and William O'Connor, both lost third Round.

The winner of the likewise during the Killarney Dart Festivald played Irish Masters - a not PDC ranked tournament - was Simon Whitlock who defeated Phil Taylor in the final 6:4. The best Irish player was again William O'Connor who reached the quarterfinals.

17. October
Flight School
In the sport thread you now can find ander practice the "Flight School" by the American George Silberzahn. Flight School is an Internet Practice Course, which is offered aRound the world and already helped a lot of players. You have to register and pay a fee to get all the documents and to be able to interact.
Global Darts is one of the by George appointed administrators.
More Information

George allowed Global Darts to publish from time to time some of his articles.
You can find the first one here:
Just throw your dart

16. October
Finals of the WDF Europe Cup
Today all five finals were played.
The winner of the Men's singles was Martin Phillip from Wales who defeated the dutch player Willy van de Wiel. Francisca Hoenselaar won the Women's singles with 7:5 over Julie Gore from Wales.
The Men's Pairs was an all English affair - Martin Adams/Scott Waites defeated Darryl Fitton/Tony O'Shea. The Women's Pairs were won by the Welsh pair Julie Gore/Rhian Edwards, who defeated the pair de Ward/Breen from the Republic Ireland.
The Men's Team from Belgium won the title over the team from the Netherlands.
Men's overall winner was England followed by Holland and Belgium. Women's overall winner are the Welsh women before Holland and England.
Informations, Participants, Results

DPA Tournaments
In Australia the last two tournaments of the DPA Tour were played.
The tournaments were won by Phillip Hazel from New Zealand and Mitchell Clegg, the young Australian winner.
Mitchell Clegg is the Australian qualifier for the PDC Unicorn ander 21 World Championship.

John McEvoy Gold Dart Classic
This PDC Players Championship will be played on Sanday during the Killarney Dart Festival.
Beside a number of Irish participants a lot of PDC Pros will take part - for example Phil Taylor.

15. October
WDF Europe Cup
Today the Europe Cup goes on with the Men's and the Women's singles and the Men's Pairs.
As yesterday all competitions are played including the semifinals. All finals will be played on Saturday.
In the final of the Men's Team competition Belgium will meet the Netherlands. The final of the Women's Pairs will be played by the Republic Ireland and Wales.
Informations, Participants, Results

14. October
James Wade wins Championship League Darts
In a thrilling and brillant match James Wade defeated Phil Taylor with 6:5. Both players had averages of over 110.
Other semifinalists were Steve Beaton and Simon Whitlock.
Winners Group

WDF Europe Cup
Today in Antalya in Turkey the WDF Europe Cup will start.
The events played today are the Men's Teams and the Women's Pairs. Both events will be played including the semifinals while all finals will be played on Sanday.
Informations, Participants, Results

Schedule for Winners Group online
The schedule for the last group of the Championship League Darts, which is played today - is now online.
Winners Group

13. October
Jones through to winners group
With a 6:2 win in the final of Group 8 over Mark Webster Wayne Jones secured himself the last place in the winners group.
The winners group will play tomorrow for the tournament win.
The group consists of Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, James Wade, Wes Newton, Steve Beaton, Andy Smith, Alan Tabern and Wayne Jones.
Report Group 8

Schedule for Group 8 online
The schedule for the last group of the Championship League Darts, which is played today - is now online.
There is still one place in the winners group available!
Group 8

12. October
Smith through to winners group
Andy Smith won the final in todays Group 7 of the Championship League Darts against Jelle Klaasen with 6:5. Smith now joins the winners group which will play for the tournament win on Thursday.

Tomorrow will be the last group day and Group 8 will consist of still in the tournament Dennis Priestley, Jelle Klaasen, Denis Ovens, Wayne Jones and Co Stompe. Filling up the group will be Michael van Gerwen, Mark Webster and John Part.
Out of the tournament are Mark Dudbridge and Vincent van der Voort.
Report Group 7

Colorado Open
The ADO tournament was played last weekend and the winners were Larry Butler who defeated Steve Brown and Marlies Kiel who won against Cali West.

Starting fields get filled up
Willy van de Wiel got one of the three left Wild cards for the Zuiderduin Masters because"of his achievements this year and as a member of the Dutch national team for the Europe cup.
Zuiderduin Masters

And Michael Mansell won the Irish Matchplay and secured himself a place in the PDC World Championship.
PDC World Championship

11. October
Championship League Darts goes on
The World Grand Prix barely is over and the Championship League Darts go on.
Tomorrow group number 7 will be played, on Wednesday the last group - number 8 - and on Thursday the winners group will play down to the tournament winner. There are still two places free in the winners group.
Tomorrow Wayne Jones, Vincent van der Voort, Co Stompe, Dennis Priestley and Jelle Klaasen will play again while Denis Ovens, Mark Dudbridge and Andy Smith join the group.
Schedule and Information

Changes in the Order of Merit
Due to the PDC World Grand Prix there were some changes in the PDC Order of Merit.
James Wade switched the place with Raymond van Barneveld and is now the world number 2, Adrian Lewis moved up to rank 4, Gary Anderson is now number 11 while Robert Thornton slided down on 20.
Order of Merit, Updated 11. 10. 2010

WDF/BDO Tournaments at the weekend
The WDF/BDO played tournaments at the weekend as well.
Two tournaments took place - the Luxembourg Open and the Romanian Open, which was played for the first time.
The Luxembourg Open was won by Irina Armstrong and Tony West while the Romanian open had with Nandor Bezzeg and Zsofia Kontos two winners from Hungaria.
Nandor Bezzeg already took part in the PDC World Championship.

10. October
James Wade wins World Grand Prix
James Wade won the final of the World Grand Prix with a 6:3 victory over Adrian Lewis.

Adrian Lewis played again a good match but was not as convincing as in his defeat of Phil Taylor yesterday. Wade played more comsistent and seemed to be more focused.
For James Wade it was his fifth PDC Major title and the second time to win the World Grand Prix.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Final

9. October
Taylor loses
Phil Taylor lost in an intensly figthed over semifinal with 4:5 to Adrian Lewis.
In the other semifinal of the World Grand Prix James Wade was a sure 5:1 winner over Raymond van Barneveld.
So the final on Sanday will be James Wade v Adrian Lewis - probably not the final anticipated by most of the dartfans.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Semifinals

8. October
Mostly Onesided Quarterfinals...
Three of the quarterfinals tonight were rather one sided - James Wade, Adrian Lewis and Raymond van Barneveld all won their matches 4:1 and now stand in the semifinals.
The match beween Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson was over the most sets a really brillant and high class match from both players - a remarkable match not soon to forget. In the end Phil Taylor was a 4:3 winner.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Fifth Day

Over Thousand Registrations
As the PDC announced by now over 1000 young darts Players have registrated for the qualifications to the PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship.
The qualifications will take playe on the 16. and the 23. October in Rileys DartZones all over Great Britain.
The latest international qualifier is Edwin Torbjörnsson from Sweden.

Surprising Wins
Andy Hamilton threw Simon Whitlock - one of the tournaments favourites - with a 3:2 win out of tournament and got himself a place in the quarterfinals. He'll meet there tonight James Wade, who had no problem to defeat Colin Osborne.

The other surprise of the evening was Barrie Bates defeat of his close friend Wes Newton. In a close thriller Bates managed to snatch a 3:2 win and a place in the quarterfinals. He'll face Raymond van Barneveld - a 3:1 winner over Mark Walsh.

Tonight the quarterfinals will be played starting at 6pm British time.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Fourth Day

7. October
Power and Luck
While Phil Taylor showed against Andy Smith once again his dominance luck was on Gary Anderson's side in his win over Kevin Painter.
Beside Taylor and Anderson Wayne Jones and Adrian Lewis are through to the quarterfinals on Friday.

Tonight the last four second Round matches will be played.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Third Day

6. October
All Irish players out of the tournament
After Brendan Dolan who lost on Monday against Phil Taylor yesterday evening all remaining three Irish players lost their matches as well. Neither Mick Mcgowan nor John Magowan or William O'Connor survived the first Round of the World Grand Prix.
Through to the second Round are Andy Hamilton, Mark Walsh, Colin Osborne, Wes Newton, James Wade, Raymond van Barneveld, Simon Whitlock and Barrie Bates. This evening the first four matches of the second Round will be played.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - Second Day

5. October
Taylor through to second Round
Phil Taylor started to the defence of his World Grand Prix title with a whitewash of the Irish player Brendan Dolan who never even had a dart on the doubles.

Beside Taylor Andy Smith, Terry Jenkins, Steve Brown, Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson, Kevin Painter and Wayne Jones advanced into the second Round.

Tonight the last eight first Round matches will be played - ander the players will be Raymond van Barneveld and James Wade.
Participants, Draw and Results
Matchreports - First Day

4. October
World Grand Prix begins
Today in Dublin the World Grand Prix will start. The very first match to be played will be Jamie Caven, the winner of yesterday's Players Championship, against Andy Smith.
Phil Taylor will begin his tournament today as well with a match against the Irish player Brendan Dolan.
The tournament is televised live on Sky Sport and it can be followed by the PDCtv stream.
Participants, Draw and Results

Caven wins
Jamie Caven was the winner of the second Players Championship in Dublin on Sanday. Caven defeated Ronnie Baxter in the final with 6:5.
It was Cavens second Players Championship win this year.

Other semifinalists were Steve Beaton and Michael Mansell.

Michael Mansell will play next Sanday in the final of the Irish Matchplay against Steve Byrne - the winner will be qualified for the PDC World Championship.
Participants and Results

2. October
Whitlock wins
Simon Whitlock today won the first of two Players Championships at this weekend in Dublin. He defeated in the final Dennis Priestley 6:1. It was Whitlocks fifth Players Championship title this year.
The other two players reaching the semifinals were Justin Pipe and Ian White, a player from Stoke-on-Trent.

Participants and Results

29. September
Players Championships Dublin
Just before the World Grand Prix -which will begin on Monday, 4. October - in the same venue at the weekend two PDC Players Championships will be played.
Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld will not play at the weekend.

28. September
Tournament Calendar updated
The tournament Calender is now updated till August 2011 - to be sure it is not complete yet. As soon as new dates will be made public those will be added.
Tournament Calender

The months June to August 2010 are now in the News Archiv: Calender

27. September
New Bulgarian Champions
Last weekend the Bulgarian national championships were played.
The new ladies champion is Ventcislava Lubonirova. Nicolay Berow won the men's title.

DRA fines again
Following the latest meeting the DRA has fined Vincent van der Voort for not chalking, Steven Maish for using obscene language and throwing his darts - as it happened again Maish was coutioned as well - and Mervyn King for using abusive language towards spectators and officials.

Hedman and Bunting win English Classics
Deta Hedman won yet another title - this time against Trish Kidd.
Steven Bunting defeated an inform playing Tony West.

Peterson wins South African Masters
With Devon Peterson yet another South African debutant will play in Alexandra Palace.
Peterson won the final of the South African Masters against Les Francis - last years participant - and now will play for South Africa in the PDC World Championship in December.
PDC World Championship Information

25. September
Interview with Pär Riihonen
Pär Riihonen is the first and so far the only Swedish player on the PDC Pro Circuit.
Despite the difficulties he had to fight and still has to fight during his almost two years on the tour now, he still is convinced to decide for it was not only right but the best decision.

23. September
Steve Beaton through to Winners Group
Steve Beaton showed all day a good performance and defeated the top of the tabel Vincent van der Voort in the final of Group 6 with 6:3. He now joins the winners Group.

Ever-present Adrian Lewis had a rather bad day and won only a single match. He is eliminated of the tournament. Three Players all with three wins and four defeats battled to stay in the contest - Jelle Klaasen, Dennis Priestley and Jamie Caven. In the end it was Jamie Caven who was eliminated because of his leg difference.

The next league day will be the 12. October. Vincent van der Voort, Wayne Jones, Co Stompe, Dennis Priestley and Jelle Klaasen then will play together with Denis Ovens, Mark Dudbridge and Andy Smith in Group 7.
Results and more information
Report Group 6

Seeded Players for U 21 World Championship
The PDC has announced the names of the eight seeded players for the PDC Unicorn U 21 World Championship.
Those are the eight top players of the PDC Order of Merit of the age group.
The best-known is Michael van Gerwen but Aaron Monk and John Cullen already established their reputation in the PDC Circuit as well.

Wes Newton wins group 5
Wes Newton won the final of todays Championship League Darts against Co Stompe 6:1 and joined the Winners Group.
Adrian Lewis was the group winner but lost his semifinal against Wes Newton.
After the Round robin phase the league table was quite close - Gary Anderson was surprisingly eliminated of the tournament because his leg difference, he had won less legs then Vincent van der Voort. Kevin Painter is out of the tournament as well.

Tomorrow Adrian Lewis, Co Stompe, Wayne Jones, Vincent van der Voort and Dennis Priestley will return and Jelle Klaasen, Jamie Caven and Steve Beaton fill up the field of Group 6.
Results and more information
Report Group 5

21. September
Wade progresses
In an quite close final James Wade defeated an impressive Dennis Priestley 6:5 and joins the Winners Group.
Priestley had one his semifinal against Co Stompe with a great 155 finish.

Eliminated were Colin Osborne, last years winner, and Zerry Jenkins who couldn't win a single match.

Tomorrow in Group 5 beside Dennis Priestley Kevin Painter, Adrian Lewis, Co Stompe and Gary Anderson will have another chance. They will be joined by Wes Newton, Wayne Jones and Vincent van der Voort.
Results and more information
Report Group 4

21. September
World Grand Prix Draw
This morning the draw for the World Grand Prix, which will start on 4. October in Dublin, took place.
The schedule is by now known as well - the match between Andy Smith and Jamie Caven will open the tournament.
You can it find Draw and Schedule here:
Draw and Schedule World Grand Prix

20. September
Raymond van Barneveld had to withdrew...
from Championship League Darts due to illness.
Van Barneveld already was not able to play in Nuland at the weekend and now is out of the Championship League Darts as well. Instead of Raymond van Barneveld Dennis Priestley, next in the rankings, will play tomorrow.
For Dennis Priestley Wes Newton is promoted to Group 5, for Newton Jamie Caven will progress to Group 6 and Andy Smith moves up in Group 7.
So now two places are vancant in Group 8 which will be filled with John Part and Michael von Gerwen, the next two of the rankings.
Participants and amended Schedule

20. September
Gulliver and Hankey win British Open
Trina Gulliver and Ted Hankey won the singles title during the British Open in Bridlington this weekend.
Trina Gulliver defeated Deta Hedman while Ted Hankey could beat Andrew Gilding.
The double Deta Hedman/Karen Lawman was the winner of the Ladies doubles tournament on Sanday. The men's doubles were won by John Henderson and Steve Douglas.

Dety Hedman and Jamie Lewis got the BDO Players Personalities of the Years Award.

19. September
Maiden Win for Steve Farmer
Steve Farmer won the Players Championship in Nuland on Sanday. He defeated Kevin Painter in the final with 6:4.

His first Pro Tour win secured him a place in the World Grand Prix in Dublin next month.
Participants and Results

Participants World Grand Prix

Wade wins
James Wade was the winner of todays players championship. He could beat Terry Jenkins 6:4 in the final. Beside those two Colin Osborne and Wes Newton reached the semi finals.
Mark Webster lost first Round but still sits on the 12th qualifying place for the World Grand Prix well ahead of Steve Beaton and Jelle Klaasen.

18. September
Players Championships Nuland
This weekend in Nuland in Holland two PDC Players Championships are played - for the top players the last chance to qualify for the World Grand Prix, for the continental players an opportunity to get closer to a place in the PDC World Championship.
Participants and Results

16. September
Fit Flight System
The Japanese manufacturer Cosmo Darts developed a new flight/shaft system which is already used by some of the American pro darters.
It is not yet available everywhere but Global Darts kindly was allowed to try it out.
Here you can find the result: The Fit Flight System

Bob Anderson will be operated
Bob Anderson, once BDO World Champion and for many years a successful PDC player, will get a replacement of his left knee at the end of September.
For some years already he suffers from knee-pain triggered by an old football-injury.

Bob Anderson hopes to be back on the exhibition circuit in December.

Alan Tabern through
Alan Tabern won the final of group 3 against Gary Anderson.
As yesterday Gary Anderson didn't couldn´t fight through and lost his second final.
Ronnie Baxter and Andy Hamilton are out of the tournament.
Gary Anderson, Adrian Lewis, Co Stompe, James Wade and Colin Osborne will return on 21. September to play together with Raymond van Barneveld, Kevin Painter and Terry Jenkins in group 4.

Report Group 3

Whitlock advances to winners group
Simon Whitlock won the final of group 2 against Gary Andserson and is after Phil Taylor the second player to adavance into the winners group. Whitlock had already shown a strong performance on day one and again convinced.
Eliminated were Paul Nicholson and, a little bit astonishing, Colin Lloyd, who had reached the final of group 1 yesterday.
Into group 3 advanced Gary Anderson, Adrian Lewis, Ronnie Baxter, James Wade and Co Stompe who will be joined by Andy Hamilton, Colin Osborne and Alan Tabern tomorrow.
Report Group 2

Mervyn King withdrew
Mervyn King who played rather impressive in yesterdays group 1 of the Championship League Darts had to withdrew from the tournament because of a heel injury. He had already problems yesterday and over night it got worse.
He is replaced by Co Stompe who was supposed to join the tournament tomorrow in group 3.

Taylor wins
Phil Taylor won the final of group 1 of the Championship League Darts against Colin Lloyd and progressed as first player into the winners group.
Mark Walsh and Robert Thornton, who was handicapped by an injury at the thumb of his throwing hand, were eliminated from the tournament.
Neither Adrian Lewis nor James Wade really convinced but both together with strong playing Simon Whitlock, Mervyn King and Colin Lloyd advanced into group 2 where they'll be joined by Gary Anderson, Paul Nicholson and Ronnie Baxter.
Results and more information
Report Group 1

Welsh Masters
In the BDO as well the "summer holidays" are over. At the weekend the Welsh Masters were played.
The ladies title was won by Julie Gore who defeated Lisa Ashton in the final.

Tony West is the new male Welsh Master. He won the final against Davy Richardson.

PDC Players Championships in Crawley
This weekend two players championships were played in Crawley. With those the crucial phase for qualifying for the World Grand Prix in Dublin started. One more players championships weekend will still follow - in Nuland in Holland at the 18./19. September.

The players championship on Saturday was won by Adrian Lewis who defeated Steve Farmer in the final. Other semifinalists were Gary Anderson and Vincent van der Voort.

The winner on Sanday was Colin Lloyd who once again after his win of the Canadian Masters last weekend showed his good form. His opponent in the final was Simon Whitlock. Other semifinalists were Jamie Caven, who threw a nine-darter in his semifinal against Simon Whitlock, and Alan Tabern.

The very first World Championship
Do you know about it? A lot of people seem to never have heard about it - it was played in 1975 and 1976.
The very first World Championship

Interview with Tricia Wright
As we have some time ago already published an interview with the PDC Women's Champion Stacy Bromberg we now talked in a addition with the runner-up Tricia Wright.

You can find the interview here: Interview

European Championship Gallery
Thanks to Bravo TV and to Lawrence Lustig/PDC we managed to put up a European Championship Gallery!


Taylor claims European Championship Title
With an easy 11:1 win against Wayne Jones Phil Taylor claimed his third European Championship title.
Phil Taylor had played quite a tough semifinal match against Terry Jenkins, but he dominated the final against Wayne Jones, who had shown great performances against Raymond van Barneveld and Colin Lloyd in the quarterfinals and the semifinals and Jones never had a chance in this match.
Draw, Schedule, Results
Reports Semifinals
Report Final

Raymond van Barneveld out of European Championship
Raymond van Barneveld lost his quarterfinal match against Wayne Jones with 8:10. Colin Lloyd won over Ronnie Baxter, Terry Jenkins defeated Jamie Caven and Phil Taylor Mark Walsh. So now the semifinals tonight will be Colin Lloyd/Wayne Jones and Terry Jenkins /Phil Taylor.
The semifinals will start at 8 p.m. with the match between Wayne Jones and Colin Lloyd. After the semifinals the final will be played at aRound 11 p.m.
Results European Championship
Matchreports Quarterfinals

Phil Taylor wins World Matchplay
Phil Taylor claimed his 11. World Matchplay Title, it was his third in a row.
Raymond van Barneveld showed a good performance in his first World Matchplay final, but felt frustrated about the result. "I was number two before and I am still number two, nothing changed" was his comment.

Draw and Schedule World Matchplay
Report Final

Stacy Bromberg first PDC Unicorn Women's World Champion
The American Stacy Bromberg defeated in the final the English Tricia Wright with 6:5.
In a thrilling but at the start very nervous match Tricia Wright was the first to get back her accuracy on the doubles and went into lead. But then Stacy Bromberg recovered as well, first equalized and then with a very sure double 16 ended the match.

Draw and participants PDC Unicorn Women's Worldchampionship
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Van Barneveld and Taylor will meet in the final
Both Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor dominated their semifinals and will now meet tomorrow in the final of the World Matchplay.
Raymond van Barneveld defeated James Wade 17:8 while Phil Taylors win against Simon Whitlock with 17:4 was even more comfortable. For van Barneveld it will be his first World Matchplay final.

Draw and Schedule World Matchplay
Report Semifinals

Van Barneveld and Taylor in semifinals
Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor won their quarterfinals against Co Stompe and Kevin Painter. While Phil Taylor had a rather easy match against Kevin Painter Raymond van Barneveld and Co Stompe most of the time were evenly matched..
Tonight the semifinals between James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld and between Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock will take place, the first dart matches televised in 3 D.
And after the semifinals the final of the first Unicorn PDC Women's World Championship will be on TV - between Stacy Bromberg and Tricia Wright.
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Wade and Whitlock through to semi-finals
James Wade and Simon Whitlock were the winners of the afternoon quarterfinals session, they defeated Wayne Jones and Jelle Klaasen.
The two will now meet the winners of the evening session, Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor, in the semifinals. The losers of the evening session were Co Stompe and Kevin Painter.

Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Quarterfinals 1

Pain, Bottle and Flu...
During the second evening with second round matches Jelle Klaasen could beat a Gary Anderson in pain, he's got a shoulder injury.
Kevin Painter showed a lot of bottle in defeating Mark Walsh, Simon Whitlock has got the flu but nevertheless won against Steve Brown and Phil Taylor had a comfortable win over Steve Beaton.

Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Sixth Day

Another very long evening...
The first evening with second round matches turned out to be another very long evening of darts - the first three matches all run about one and a half hour.... Winners of the evening were Wayne Jones, Co Stompe, James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld, who had the easiest job. Wayne Jones and James Wade were too accurate on the doubles for Ronnie Baxter and Vincent van der Voort while in the first part of the match Mark Webster didn´t seem to be there at all.
Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Fifth Day

An evening with comebacks, fighting spirit and dominance
The last evening with first round matches brougth a very impressive and successful comeback form Kevin Painter against Colin Lloyd, another impressive though not successful comeback from Mark Dudbridge against Mark Walsh, a Barrie Bates with a lot of fighting spirit against the nevertheless winning Phil Taylor and an astonished Steve Beaton who dominated the match against Paul Nicholson.
Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Fourth Day

A rather short evening...
While on Sunday we could enjoy a long evening with thrilling matches Monday more was an evening with one sided short matches. Very impressive Gary Anderson and Jelle Klaasen on the doubles, Klaasen only needed half an hour to defeat Mervyn King. Other winners were Steve Brown at his debut in Blackpool and Simon Whitlock. Out of the tournament: Terry Jenkins, Tony Eccles, Robert Thornton and Mervyn King.
Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Third Day

Only tight matches on the second day
All matches on Sunday evening were tight matches and all thrilling to the end. To the second round advanced Co Stompe, Mark Webster, James Wade and Alan Tabern. First round losers were Andy Hamilton, Adrian Lewis, Andy Smith and local hero Wes Newton.
Draw and Schedule
Matchreports Second Day

Raymond van Barneveld throws Nine-Darter
On Saturday the World Matchplay started in Blackpool. The highlight of the first evening was a nine-darter by Raymond van Barneveld who defeated Denis Ovens 10:1. Vincent van der Voort won his match against Dennis Priestley with 10:6, Wayne Jones defeated Colin Osborne 10:8 and a strong Ronnie Baxter was a 10:7 winner against Jamie Caven.
Draw and Schedule
Matchreports First Day

New tournament series announced by idpa
the idpa, players organisation of the BDO and WDF, has announced a new series of 11 monthly tournaments which will be organised from the idpa/BDO/WDF and which will start in 2011. Live coverage will be through World Digital.
More details will follow.

Patrick Chaplin: The Official Bar Guide to Darts
Patrick Chaplin's new book was first published in June 2010.
It is a book to be recommended which covers in brevity all aspects of the sport of darts.

WDF Youth Europe Cup
The winner of the Youth Europe Cup girls were the Russian girls. The second place went to Wales. The overall winner boys was the English team, here the Netherlans reached the second place.

British Gold Cup
The BDO British Gold Cup was played last weekend. The winners were Lisa Aston and Andy Beardmore. Lisa Ashton defeated in the final Julie Gore, while Andy Beardmore was the winner against Gary Butcher.

WDF Youth Europe CUP in Kirchheim
This weekend in Kirchheim in Germany the WDF Youth Europe Cup is played. Boys from 16 European countries and girls from 14 European countries will play in the tournaments.

Final of Women's World Championship postponed!!!
The final of the PDC Unicorn Women's World Championship is brought forward from Sunday 25. July to Saturday 24. July. As one hears Sky Sports has a problem to televise the ladies directly before the final of the World Matchplay.

So now the ladies final is scheduled after the two World Matchplay semifinals on Saturday evening. Probably broadcasting on Sunday would have attracted more viewers. Hopefully the complete final will be televised!

DRA fines again
Paul Nicholson will have to pay 1000 pound for his behavior during the UK Open final in Bolton. That he had appologized immediately afterwards to the PDC and Sky Sports protected him from an even higher fine.
Colin Osborne has to pay 100 pound as he failed to mark during the Players Championships in Austria.
And as Toon Greebe still hasn´t payed his 100 pound fine from March he´ll not be allowed to play in any DRA sanctioned tournament before he's done so.

Australian Grand Masters wins for Fleet and Forwood
Carol Forwood and Anthony Fleet were the winners of the Open Singles in Canberra last weekend.
While the ladies all were evenly matched and the final was close Anthony Fleet convinced in the men's tournament with his accuracy on doubles.

Part claims North American Darts Championship

The Canadian John Part was the last winner of the New Tropicana World Series of Darts Festival in Las Vegas. He defeated in the final of the North American Darts Championship - a tournament for North American players only - the American Darin Young.

New ways in darts

Paul Gillings, sport scientist, and Anthony Urmston-Toft, young player on the PDC Pro circuit work together. Their co-operation still is in it's infancy. Here on Global Darts they talk about their first experiences.

Co Stompe is the winner of the third Players Championship
Co Stompe claimed his maiden PDC title by winning the third Players Championship of the New Tropicana World Series of Darts Festival. He beat James Wade with 6:3 in the final.
Best North American player was again Darin Young who lost under the last 16 to Wes Newton.

Anderson wins second Las Vegas Players Championship

Gary Anderson was the winner of the second Players Championship of the New Tropicana World Series of Darts Festival in Las Vegas. He defeated Simon Whitlock in the final.
Best North-American players were Ken MacNeil and Paul Lim.

Gulliver and Winstanley win England Open

Trina Gulliver and Dean Winstanley were the winners of the England Open singles. They beat in the final Louise Hepburn respectively Mark Harris.
Under the participants of the by the EDO organised tournament were with the exception of Martin Adams all British BDO top players.

Phil Taylor wins again

After his win of the World Cricket Champion title on Saturday Taylor could win the first Players Championship in Las Vegas on Sunday as well.
He beat in the final Denis Ovens with 6:3.
Best North American player again was Darin Young who ended in round four.

Phil Taylor wins Cricket World Championship

Phil Taylor won the inaugural PDC Cricket World Championship in Las Vegas.
He defeated in the finale Mark Walsh with 3:3.

Michael van Gerwen can't take part in Vegas tournaments

The young Dutch player Michael van Gerwen can't play the New Tropicana World Series of Darts Destival starting this weekend as he broke his left collarbone in a fall while cycling. Though his throwing arm was not injured he has to return for more checks to the hospital instead to travel to Las Vegas.
This will probably mean he'll not be able to qualify for the World Matchplay next month.

Andy Smith is the winner on Sunday

Almost exactly one year after his Players Championship win in Dinslaken Andy Smith gat the Players Championship titel in Haarlem on Sunday, he defeated Alan Tabern in the final.
John Part and Gary Mawson both lost second round.
The best German was as on Saturday Bernd Roith who thanks to his good results now will play in the European Championship in August.

Vincent van der Voort wins first Haarlem Players Championship

Saturdays Players Championship was a win for Vincent van der Voort, his second Pro Tour win this year. His opponent in the final was Wayne Jones, who still has to wait for his first PDC title.
The two North American participants Gary Mawson and John Part ended third round and fourth round respectively.

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