Making Changes

Getting tangled up in mind games over minutia which really does nothing to help improve your game is one of the slipperiest slopes in darts and starting down this slope of distraction kind of sneaks up on you.

Sometimes a person will begin to wonder if changing something will improve their game then they look for something to change, not because they have an indication there is something wrong, or going wrong which requires a change, but simply because they want their game to improve.
There are some in our game who just can't help but do an analysis of their stroke, or stance, or dart combination (barrel,shaft, flight) looking for something to change. It seems they get into this analysis stuff because they can't think of anything else to concentrate on. They have gotten the big lumps out of their stroke but want to do something more. They want to make minute, conscious adjustments rather than stick with the work of perfecting what they have.
The job of ironing out the infinite dance of coordinating muscles is assigned to your subconscious. You teach your sub conscious what you want the muscles to do by repeating your stroke over and over and over during solitary physical practice until you reach the maximum capability of your self which in darts is so variable day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, that you can never really know how well the next dart will be shot. The best you will ever know is the general length of game you will play (how many turns a game will take).

All that is achieved by diverting your subconscious attention from the motions you want to perfect to consciously analyzing those motions is distraction of your concentration. Don't get on that slippery slope.

Don't try to make your self perfect your stroke; let yourself perfect your stroke. Stay with your physical, mental and emotional practice.

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