What is "Flight School"?

The "Flight School" of the American George Silberzahn - who was till the 1980s one of the American Top Players - developed out of a small brochure George wrote in 1970, to convince players in his league of the advantaged of a systematically practice.
The brochure was a big success and George published the more detailed "Mastering the Sport of Darts" and a few years later by request the even more comprehensive "How to Master the Sport of Dart" which got the bestselling dartbook on amazon.

When George ended his career his main concern got to impart other players that with a structured practice one really can improve and eventually will enjoy playing much more as winning matches is part of the fun.
This practice should help players on every level - from beginners to professional players.

George Silberzahn contacted the American SEWA forum looking for volunteers, who would like to try his ideas and could help by their feedback to convert them in something practical.
The result was the "Flight School" as it is now and a new book with the title "Darts - Beginning to end". As I was one of those volunteers you to be sure will stumble over my more or less profound comments in the book..

An important point of "Flight School" is it that you are able to ask questions and to give your feedback - so George made it an internet class which is offered by George Silberzahn and the by him appointed administrators around the world. As I was in the project from the beginning and beside this translated "Flight School" into German I am one of this adminstrators.

George charges a fee when you enrol. It is a one-time fee - and you'll get for it all "Flight School" documents you need and you can ask as many questions you want, even should you feel your own problems are not covered by "Flight School".

Should you have more questions or want to register for "Flight School" please send me an e-mail Flight School or contact George by How to Darts


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