The Fit Flight System

The Fit Flight System is a flight system developed by the Japanese manufacturer Cosmo Darts and new on the market.
It might not be yet everywhere available - it is not here in Germany. But Cosmo Darts kindly send me items to test.

The system consists of two components: Dart Flights and
fitting shafts.

The flights either come as the usual four-winged flights of as three-winged "Delta" flights all in various shapes from "standard" to a slimmer standard shape and mini standards and as teardrops, kites and super slim. You can get them in different colours and with different patterns. All flights are from polypropylene.

Cosmo offers a full range of shafts as well, both "locked" and "spinning" in three different lengths and either from synthetic material(polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene or enhanced) or from metal(aluminium, titanium or magnesium).

The plastic shafts come in different colours and both plastic and metallic are either in the normal shape or as slim shafts. The metallic shafts are only spinning.

It really is a full range but of course the very special in Fit Flights is not the range.

There are two things that make Fit Flights something special first that the flights donīt come folded but are out off a rigid material and so are fixed right-angled and by this always are and stay in an ideal aerodynamic set-up.

And Second you don't have to thread the flights somehow into the shafts you just pull them over the end of the shafts. So you are spared the sometimes difficult threading and the flights are supposed to be really fixed on the shafts.

When playing Fit Flight with the system turned out to be really user-friendly. The shafts can be screwed in without any problem into barrels of different manufacturers. The Flights can easily pulled over the shafts and they really are fixed - not a single one till now fell off. The "spinning" shafts spin perfectly. The flights seem to be very sturdy and till now don't look damaged at all, so I would say they are very durable.

I weighed some of the shaft/flight combinations - they are more or less the same weight as "normal" shaft/flight combinations.

First it might be a little strange to take such a little bit bulky set-up with you and you can't just put a folded set of extra flights somewhere in between, but Cosmo darts of course offers special dart cases as well and I can imagine it will not be necessary anyway to take extra flights with you.

Fit Flight won me over because of it's high quality and the very easy handling and to be sure it is a big advantage that you always have a flight in the ideal aero dynamical alignment.
I don't know the price though - probably it will not be a cheap product - so might be the price could be a catch.

Cosmo Darts has an own homepage where you can find the complete range of the Fit Flight System and of course other products as well: Cosmo Darts

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