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The Darts Performance Centre - founded by sports scientist Paul Gillings - is an Online facility. With the methods of modern sports science, like goal setting, coaching, statistics, nutrition, sports psychology and more, it supplies the dart player with everything needed to improve. Interacting is an important part and one can even book coaching lessons.
To be able to use the complete range one has to register.

Paul Gillings kindly allowed me to publish from time to time articles from the Darts Performance Centre here on Global Darts.

For many years darts has been seen as a hobby and derided as being merely a pub based pastime rather than a sport played by dedicated professionals. The truth is that there was a time when this was arguably an accurate reflection of the game, but today's game is becoming far more sophisticated and driven by science.

So what's changed?

For a start, the sport of darts is big business, and the top players can become very wealthy.
Phil Taylor, the sport's greatest ever player has amassed millions in prize money and sponsorship. Taylor is not alone in enjoying the benefits of modern day darts with the top players earning six figure salaries. With so much at stake there has been a definite change in how players prepare themselves and practise for tournaments.

The psychology of sport is more important than ever and darts is no exception. When standing alone at the oche, a lapse of concentration could be the difference between success and failure.
With the stakes so high who do darts players turn to when they need to improve their game?

Darts Performance centre is an online resource specifically designed to help improve the performance of darts players from casual player to the professional. Paul Gillings of has spent years developing a formula for darts players to reach their peak through a combination of goal setting, improvement strategy development, nutrition and coaching advice.

"Darts is a sport where you are solely responsible for your performance; preparing yourself and training are essential to success. Also a mental toughness is vital when standing at the oche under pressure to hit that vital double to win the match."

Paul aims to help darts players go to the next level and invites those that wish to do so to visit the Darts Performance Centre There you will find advice to help improve all elements of your game. Whether you're looking to improve your standing in the local league or you have your eyes on Phil Taylor's crown, the resources at the Darts Performance Centre could help you reach new levels of performance.

Performance Darts:
Meet our Designers 1

Articles from the Darts Performance Centre:
A visit to the Coaching Centre
Our Coaching Centre
A Darts Match - From a Sports Science Angle by Paul Gillings MSc
Realistic Practice Makes Perfect
How to Bottle Mental Toughness
Take a peer at our `coach` trip to Eastbourne
The Ten Thousand Hours Man
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The BDO Reality Test
The Youth of Today!
Flights Experiment
Take Aim 1
Take Aim 1
4 Aiming Tips in Darts
A Darting Tale
Some like it hot...
Has The Power Finally Gone Out For Taylor?
The Power is still going strong at 50+ years of age!
Challenger Darts - Diogo Portela
Daryl Gurney
World Matchplay 2019 - All Eyes On Anderson's Matchplay Defence
PDC World Championship 2020 - Finals Day
Darts keeps the sporting show on the road
Performance Darts Practice Plan
Can Michael van Gerwen build on Players Championship victory at the World Darts Championship?
Have MVG's Struggles Made Darts More Exciting?
Champion of Champions 2015
Ultimate Flights and Shafts Experiment Pack
The Barnsley Mystery
Gabriel Clemens

Coaching Clinic Coaching Clinic - The Dreaded Drift
Coaching Clinic - Focus, Concentration and Solid Base
Coaching Clinic - "The Snatch" and a lost Practice Board
Coaching Clinic - Goal Setting
Coaching Clinic 9 - Back to the Basics
Coaching Clinic 10
Coaching Clinic 11
Coaching Clinic 12
Coaching Clinic 14 - What can Dartplayers learn from Musicians?
Coaching Clinic 15 - And what from from an athlete?
Coaching Clinic 17 - What can one learn from the Pros?
Coaching Clinic 18 - Brendan Dolan, Cleaning Advice and a Practice Game
Coaching Clinic 19 - Resolutions for the New Year
Coaching Clinic 20 - The mental Part
Coaching Clinic 21
Coaching Clinic 22
Coaching Clinic 23
Coaching Clinic 24
Coaching Clinic 25
Coaching Clinic 26
Coaching Clinic 27 - Tournament Preparation
Coaching Clinic 28 - Problems during a tournament
Coaching Clinic 29 - Clever Dartplayers
Coaching Clinic 31 - Fine Tuning
Coaching Clinic 32 - Accuracy
Coaching Clinic 34 - Accuracy
Coaching Clinic 35 - Perfect Thrown and Follow Through
Coaching Clinic 36 - This month we look how you can stay focused whilst playing pairs!
Coaching Clinic 37 - Passing the darts.
Coaching Clinic 38 - Passing the darts.
Coaching Clinic 39
Coaching Clinic 40 - Closer to Perfection
Coaching Clinic 41 - Most Common Errors
Coaching Clinic 43 - Practice Ideas and Sharpening your Power Scoring
Coaching Clinic 44 - Hitting the Doubles!
Coaching Clinic 44 - Can we count on you to practice your darts?
Coaching Clinic 46 - We discuss technique and have another practice game for you
Coaching Clinic 47 - This month we look at putting a practice session together and we have some games to try!
Coaching Clinic 48 - Sponsoring
Coaching Clinic 49 - Starting at the beginning
Coaching Clinic 50 - You Loser! We look at getting the maximum benefit from losing
Coaching Clinic 51 - The WI is our inspiration to help you play better darts this month.
Coaching Clinic 52 - The F Word - Fear!
Coaching Clinic 53 - It's a cunning plan! Try out some of the games from our Practice Plan
Coaching Clinic 54 - Your Darts! The Most Important Piece Of Your Kit!
Coaching Clinic 55 - Flights and Shafts
Coaching Clinic 57 - Coaching Advice from Leighton Reese
Coaching Clinic 58 - On the trail of a Darts Coach! We look at why there is a lack of coaches in darts! new
Be prepared! We look at pairs play in darts!
After the World Cup - what we got wright and what wrong
The European Qualifying School
Diogo and Goliath - 1
Diogo and Goliath - 2
Diogo and Goliath - 3

Throw Analysis:
Phil "The Power" Taylor
John "Hendo" Henderson

World Matchplay 2017
World Matchplay Day 1

PDC World Championship 2017
Semi Finals Sunday

Grand Slam 2016

Premier League 2016
Preview first evening

PDC World Championship 2016
Can Phil Taylor win the PDC World Championships this year?
We are back!!!
Most Hospitable!

Grand Slam 2015

BDO Hull 2015
BDO Week in Hull
To Hull and back 1
To Hull and back 2
To Hull and back 3
To Hull and back 4
To Hull and back 5, Dinner with Mr. Potter
To Hull and back 6, Phew!

World Grand Prix 2015
World Matchplay 2015
Day 3
Day 2
PDC World Cup 2015
No bribes, no Blatter, it can only be The Darts World Cup!
No shocks last night but there will be tonight!
It's Second Round Time!

BDO World Trophy 2015

BDO World Championship 2015

PDC World Championship 2015
The First Evening
The Second Evening
The Third Day
The Sixth Day
The Ninth Day

World Grand Prix 2014
The first evening
The second evening

World Matchplay 2014
Bet Victor World Matchplay 1
Bet Victor World Matchplay 2
Bet Victor World Matchplay 3

Premier League 2014
Premier League 2014 - Week Three
Premier League 2014 -Preview

PDC World Championship 2014
Part Two

Grand Slam 2013
Grand Slam 1
Grand Slam 2
Grand Slam 3

Party Poker World Grand Prix 2013
Party Poker World Grand Prix - Preview
And the winner is ...

European Darts Championship 2013
European Darts Championship - Day 2

UK Open 2013
UK Open Preview

Premier League 2013
Premier League 13 - Play-Offs
Premier League 13 - Darts - It's a Numbers Game
Premier League 13 - Fourteenth League Day, Newcastle
Premier League 13 - Thirteenth League Day, Liverpool
Premier League 13 - Twelfth League Day, Birmingham
Premier League 13 - Eleventh League Day, Dublin
Premier League 13 - Tenth League Day, Sheffield
Premier League 13 - Ninth League Day, Brighton
Premier League 13 - Eighth League Day, Glasgow
Premier League 13 - Seventh League Day, Cardiff
Premier League 13 - Sixth League Day, Manchester
Premier League 13 - Fifth League Day, Nottingham
Premier League 13 - Fourth League Day, Exeter
Premier League 13 - Third League Day, Bournemouth
Premier League 13

PDC World Cup 2013
The PDC World Cup

BDO World Championship 2013
2013 Lakeside World Championship

PDC World Championship 2013
The PDC World Championship

Players Championship Finals 2012
Hi De Hi

Grand Slam of Darts 2012
Grand Slam of Darts - Preview

World Grand Prix 2012
The History Maker - Brendan Dolan

European Championship 2012
The first evening

World Matchplay 2012
The Betfair World Matchplay
Betfair World Matchplay 1
Coaching Clinic and World Matchplay

UK Open 2012
Our Survey Says!
Question Time
Actually, there is one more thing"...

Premier League 2012
Premier League
Record breaker, record maker!
180`s for Dough !
Wow, nice legs!
So you want to be a Pro do you?
Home and Away
Booo,"I haven't got a ticket" but Wade has

Players Championship Finals 2011
The Players Championship Night 1
The Players Championship Night 3
The Ups and Downs of The Players Championship

World Grand Prix 2011:
World Grand Prix 1
World Grand Prix 2
Brendan Dolan and the video analysis:
This Time Next Week/Year Rodders

Grand Slam 2011
The Grand Slam of Knitting
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 Day 2 -
Hey Hey it`s the Count
Bruce Willis Guide to Better Darts
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - 5.Day
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - 6.Day
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - 7.Day
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - 8.Day
Grand Slam of Darts 2010 - 9.Day
A Study In Darts - Grand Slam 2011 Night 7

PDC World Cup 2011
It's a Team Game
World Cup Day 1
The GP Analysis (Great Pair)
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

UK Open 2011
One player discusses his not so speedy route to Bolton
Be Prepared!
Play the board? Play the man?

PDC World Championship 2011
World Championship 1
World Championship 2
World Championship 3
World Championship 5
World Championship 9
World Championship 10
World Championship 11
World Championship 12
World Championship 13
Blog 12
Blog 13
Blog 14
Blog 15
Blog 16
17. and final World Championship Blog

Team Kabash.
The Darts Experiment or the DPC meets Pub Team Kasbah - will it be a success???
Darts Experiment Blog 1
Darts Experiment 2 - The first night
Darts Experiment 3 - The Team Members are introduced
Darts Experiment 4 - The Team is analysed
Darts Experiment 5 - Night Three - The Preview
Darts Experiment 6 - Night Three
Darts Experiment 7 - Night Four - The Preview
Darts Experiment 8 - Night Four
Darts Experiment 9 - Night Five - The Preview
Darts Experiment 10 - Night Five

Lee - member of the DPC - wants to get better:
Practice Sessions
Do You Remember Your First Time?
Training Blog Week 2
Training Blog Week 3
Practice Blog Week 4

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