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Phil "The Power" Taylor

Welcome to the Lab - Our second investigation carried out by our research department of Andy Humphrey and Paul Gillings of the Darts Performance Centre puts PDC legend Phil "The Power" Taylor under the microscope.

Phil`s throw was analysed from a laptop computer using a video clip uploaded onto Phil Taylor`s website.

Throw Analysis -The Set Up
As the dart comes back and just before the throw, Phil`s weight shifts slightly forward altering the centre of gravity perhaps to compensate for the action of the arm and keep the arm and dart moving forward. The centre of gravity remains within the base of support. The front foot is planted around 45 degrees to oche.

Rating - 18/20

Throw Analysis - Alignment
From the camera angles "The Power" aims with left eye then switches to the right side for the throw. It appears that he is cross dominant (Right handed but left eye dominant).


Throw Analysis - The Release
Phil sets the release point for each dart with the aim (just past vertical, the angle of the elbow joint when aiming is almost identical to the angle at release). The elbow lift is just a function of momentum as the arm relaxes after release; the dart is released before the elbow lifts.


Throw Analysis - The Follow Through
"The Power" demonstrates the perfect follow through, excellent smooth action with the arm and hand following the dart to the target.


Throw Analysis - Accuracy
The video used for this analysis are clips of "The Power`s" two 9 darters in one match! A problem with accuracy is not something that has regularly caused Taylor a problem.


From a biomechanical point of view the throw itself is excellent (well it would be wouldn`t it)! The only aspect open to any sort of debate is how "The Power" sights or aims his dart. He does appear to switch from one eye to the other before releasing. However, there is still not enough research in this area to conclusively prove that if Phil did aim his dart with his dominant eye then he would get even better! (Best we just move on before the rest of the PDC players get nightmares). The other key point is not to "over-coach". "The Power" has been the number one in darts for years now, so why change something that works?

"The Power", for a number of reasons has an excellent throwing action. He has proved it is repeatable and this fact has been a major influence in the success of his technique. If we can`t advise Phil on any changes what can we get from this analysis? There are specific areas that perhaps other players could take note of what Phil does and experiment with their own action:

  • Phil sets the dart at the angle and height of release at the aiming stage of his throw.
    We witnessed a number of players coaching at Eastbourne recently who took aim and then dropped their elbows significantly before release which eliminated any benefits of taking aim in the first place.

  • The follow through. Key points: Does your follow through follow the line of the dart? Is it smooth? Do you extend the arm?

These are two areas that could have an impact on the `repeatability` of any players throw, however, they do need to be practised and worked on.

The Red Dragon Darts Performance Centre Throw Analysis Rating - 90%

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