The Draw and Pause

A belief of FS: Everything good comes from the forward stroke, everything prior to that has very little to do with accuracy.

Like beauty, the pause in your stroke is in the eye of the dart shooter. Use it just long enough to focus on the hole you want to put the dart in. The length of time you hold the pause changes. When you're really on and popping 'em it's relatively short but in pressure situations it can get longer. The thing is - don't think about it, just let it happen.

If you can see the point of your dart your attention is not on where you want to put the dart. Paying attention to the angle of your arm or the direction the dart is pointing suggests that has become more distraction than help. How your arm, hand and wrist go about getting the dart into the hole is none of your business. Later on, after you've been working with "Accuracy" for a while, if you find there is something significant in your delivery which is preventing you from hitting your targets we'll get into that. For now, just "put the dart in the hole." Keep your attention focused on the hole!!!

When you work with "Accuracy" drills you will by necessity correct any flaws in your stroke simply by having to do that in order to hit the target. If you are twisting your wrist enough to affect the flight path of the dart you will stop the twisting without paying much attention to stopping it most likely from reaching out with your stroke. This is how FS "Accuracy" works. It forces you to correct flaws in order to finish the drill and you make the corrections without over analyzing everything. Over time your stroke becomes perfected without you paying very much attention to the minutia involved.

Whether your wrist is cocked at the beginning of the draw or at the point when you pause briefly should not be of concern.
I think you may be getting the gist of what I suggest by this time. You have apparently been focusing on all the things which are distractions instead of the goal of your practice which is to finish the drill by sticking the darts in the targets. Just let yourself be yourself. There is no right way; there is no wrong way, only the way you do it.

Same goes for how you grip the dart. Don't make the mistake of making this more difficult than it has to be. The best foundation is how you do it without thinking about it. Just "shoot the dart."

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