Dartitis help and "How to get a grip"

When you are in deep trouble with the delivery of your darts to the dart board because your mind is in your way and you can't get a stroke going try this exercise.
This has also been shown to be useful when someone is having trouble settling upon the grip they are to use.

Get a tennis ball, sit, or stand if you prefer, in front of a wall, any wall, garage, living room, even your dart board will do, and have a catch with your self.
Toss the ball against the wall and catch it when it bounces back. Let it bounce on the floor on its way back to you if you prefer.
Don't try to hit any specific place on the wall, or the dart board if you're using that as your back board, just toss it so it reaches you on the return.
Think of anything you wish while you are having your catch, just not what you are doing. Think of something or someone from work, a party you went to, or would like to have, that new car you'd like to get, the last disagreement you had with your significant other (wife - husband), a television program or politics, anything at all.
Simply stand, or sit, there having your catch for ten minutes or so, then get up and start your practice drill with your darts. If the hitch in your stroke comes back, have another catch.

Instead of a tennis ball, you might try this with your darts, only they probably will not bounce back to you.
Do you have more than one set of darts? If so, try this with all the darts you own so you get multiple 'throws' at one time.

The point is to get into a mindless throwing session of some object over and over and over. With different sets of darts you won't have time to think about how you're holding the things, you'll just be throwing.

The way you grip a tennis ball, or any small object for that matter, will be the way you naturally do it and maybe you'll be able to get that 'song' of how should I be holding this thing out of your head.

Remember this, I am not trained in these mental things, I have no knowledge in the area of psychobabble, I'm just an old dart guy who has picked up a few tricks along the way which may help.

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