George Silberzahn presents his "Flight School"

Flight School is an organized way to improve how well you play darts. It is based upon working on specific things, one at a time.
- It puts things that many dart people already use together with some things different.
- Each physical drill builds upon the one before it.
- It is administered through email. Email provides the best way to communicate because it focuses conversation on one subject at a time.
- Flight School is not work, its fun. Darts is enjoyable.

From my own experience I knew that a lot of dart players neither practice nor believe in the success of a systematical practice.
Statements like the following, which is part of a survey by the sports psychologists Linda J. Duffy, Bahman Baluch and K. Anders Eriksson in 1993 confirmed my impression:

"A survey of dart people from a number of different countries about whether they practice and how they do, if they do, reveals there are a great number who do not practice by themselves. Here are a few reasons given for not practicing: "it's boring", "it doesn't help", "I get frustrated", "I get angry when I start missing", "I can't concentrate", "I need someone to practice with".

The bottom line of the survey was:

The best dart shooters practice in solitude and enjoy it
Most dart players do not practice in solitude
Most dart players do not know how to practice most effectively

The conclusion I reached is that dart people just don't know how to practice in a way that benefits them.
And so I set up Flight School around the following essentials:
- Darts is supposed to be fun - not work
- Not every one wants to have darts as an avocation
- Most people just want to play the game and have fun doing it
Flight School is flexible so each person may set aside how ever much time they wish to devote to getting better at the game.

One of Flight School's main theses is: There is no right way, there is no wrong way, there is only the way a person does it.

Flight School separates practice into three different efforts: Physical, mental and emotional.
Learning to shoot a dart is physical
Learning out shots, cricket strategy and rules of the game is memorizing - mental
Learning how to apply the first two practice efforts to competing is the emotion practice

Learning to shoot a dart in Flight School physical practice follows a progression path of drills
First level of practice is where you begin learning how the drills are structured, and how to feel your stroke
Second level is where you refine your control of the flight path of a dart into small targets anywhere on the dart board
Third level is where you learn how to handle the pressure of needing not to miss

Flight School consists of practice drills and techniques for learning what you need to know step by step. A Flight School administrator will supply the tools, support and answers as you need them, not all at once. The enrollee will do the learning.

Flight School provides the means for everyone to improve from one level to another. Everyone may slip into the flow of Flight School. at their own level of ability: Beginning the game up to full time professional.
Flight School is administered on-line, through email. It is a program with a proven record of success with hundreds of members around the world.
Flight School does not teach someone how to play the game of darts. It helps each person learn the game in their own way and it is a comprehensive, organized approach to become as good as a person wants to be, or is capable of being.

The main drills of Flight School are:
A1 The beginning drill
You learn to feel your own stroke while learning how to place darts within a specific area of a frame - the large and small singles. You learn as well to shoot every dart the same, to shoot at every part of the dart board and to develop trust in your stroke respectively that you can put darts together anywhere on the dart board.
A2 The stroke refining drill
Works at learning to consistently stick specific smaller targets in single shots. The drill helps to improve your accuracy. Again you learn how to shoot at all targets around the board and to get confident you can regain control of your stroke.
A4 The scoring drill
Works at learning to group darts into a specific target bed and to stick all three darts in one scoring bed under pressure. You learn to belief you can score as well as the very best.

And never forget: Winning is part of the fun!

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