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Price Money

The PDC Challenge Tour was introduced in 2014. All events in 2014 will be played on the Sundays after Youth Tour events and in the same venues. Together with the Youth Tour the PDC Challenge Tour builds the PDC Developement Tour. Since 2015 the Challenge Tour Events take place on seperate weekends.

The Challenge Tour is open to all the PDPA Associate Members who took part in Qualifying School but failed to win a Tour Card.

The two players who will head the ranking at the end of the year will get a two year Tour Card. The player who heads the ranking gets a place in the PDC World Championship.
The Associate Members beside this can play the UK Open Qualifiers, take part in the Qualifiers for the European Tour and in the PDPA World Championship Qualifier.

From 2018 the Top 16 of the Challenge Tour Order of Merit who haven't got after the Qualifying School of the following season a Tour Card qualify for the UK Open.

Due to the Corona pnademic and the travel problems, the Challenge Tour 2021 was split on an UK and an European Challenge Tour. Both whad an own ranking. In both tours the head of the table after the season got a Tour Card and a place in the PDC World Championship 2021/22

Price Money

Top ⇑

YearWinnerSecondSemifinalQuarterfinalLast 16Last32Last 64
From 20142000 pound1000 pound500 pound300 pound200 pound100 pound50 pound
20232500 pound1000 pound750 pound500 pound300 pound200 pound75 pound

Challenge Tour 2024

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 19. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Richie Burnett, Danny Jansen
CT 3 + 4 20. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Oskar Lukasiak, Stefan Bellmont
CT 521. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Aiden Kirk
CT 6 + 7 15. March Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Noa-Lynn van Leuven, Rene Eidams
CT 8 + 9 16. March Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Andy Boulton, Andy Boulton
CT 1017. March Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Lee Cocks
CT 11 + 12 7. JuneLeicester, England Winner: Christian Kist, Christian Kist
CT 13 + 14 8. JuneLeicester, England Winner: Connor Scutt, Justin Hood
CT 15 9. JuneLeicester, England Winner: Wesley Plaisier
CT 16 + 17 16. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner:
CT 18 + 19 17. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner:
CT 20 18. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner:
CT 21 + 22 2. NovemberLeicester, England Winner:
CT 23 +2 4 3. NovemberLeicester, England Winner:

Ranking 2024
Top ⇑
On 19. June
1Danny Jansen£6.625
2Christian Kist£6.100
3Andy Boulton£5.975
4Connor Scutt£5.675
5Wesley Plaisier£5.475
6John Henderson£4.800
7Darryl Pilgrim£4.450
8Oskar Lukasiak£4.400
9Dragutin Horvat£4.375
10Stefan Bellmont£4.300
11Aden Kirk£4.225
12Richie Burnett£3.700
13Lee Cocks£3.325
14Justin Hood£3.250
15Jamie Atkins£3.150
15Noa-Lynn van Leuven£3.150
17Kai Gotthardt£2.975
18Cam Crabtree£2.900
19Rene Eidams£2.800
20Sebastian Bialecki£2.475
21Franz Roetzsch£2.400
22Reece Colley£2.300
23Charlie Martin£2.250
24David Evans£2.225
25Andreas Harrysson£2.200
26Jimmy van Schie£2.100
26Shane McGurk£2.100
28Darius Labanauskas£2.075
29Ted Evetts£2.050
30Stefaan Henderyck£2.025
30Thomas Lovely£2.025
30Kevin Burness£2.025

Challenge Tour 2023

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 20. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winners: Christian Kist, Chris Landman
CT 3 + 4 21. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winners: Andy Boulton, Cameron Crabtree
CT 522. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Thibault Tricole
CT 6 + 7 17. March Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Berry van Peer, John Henderson
CT 8 + 9 18. March Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Ron Meulenkamp, Dragutin Horvat
CT 10 + 115. May Milton Keynes, England Winner: Berry van Peer, Wayne Jones
CT 12 + 13 6. MayMilton Keynes, England Winner: Berry van Peer, Berry van Peer
CT 14 7. MayMilton Keynes, England Winner: Conan Whitehead
CT 15 + 16 4. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner: Wesley Plaisier, Darryl Pilgrim
CT 17 + 18 5. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner:Cam Crabtree, Robert Grundy
CT 19 6. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winner: Owen Bates
CT 20 + 21 28. OctoberWigan, England Winner: John Henderson, Dom Taylor
CT 22 + 23 29. OctoberWigan, England Winner: Vitezslav Sedlak, Andy Boulton
CT 24 30. OctoberWigan, England Winner: JKames Hurrell

Ranking 2023
Top ⇑
Final Standings on 30. =ctober
1Berry van Peer£13.350
2Owen Bates£9.700
3John Henderson£9.525
4Andy Boulton£8.850
4Cameron Crabtree£8.850
6Christian Kist£7.625
7James Hurrell£6.200
7Dom Taylor£6.200
9Dragutin Horvat£6.075
10Thibault Tricole£5.875
11Chris Landman£5.825
12Wesley Plaisier£5.600
13Darryl Pilgrim£5.575
14Robert Grundy£5.425
15Scott Mitchell£5.325
16Conan Whitehead£5.225
17Ron Meulenkamp£5.000
18Stefan Bellmont£4.925
19Alexander Merckx£4.775
20Lukas Wenig£4.750
21Viteszlav Sedlak£4.700
22Wayne Jones£3.925
23Peter Jacques£3.800
24Dan Read£3.775
25Sebastian Bialecki£3.725
26Jelle Klaasen£3.375
27William Borland£3.025
28Arjan Konterman£2.950
28Martijn Dragt£2.950
30Jarred Cole£2.875
31Danny Lauby£2.825
32Andy Jenkins£2.800

Challenge Tour 2022

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 21. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Scott Williams, Scott Williams
CT 3 + 4 22. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Steve Haggerty, Stu Wilson
CT 523. JanuaryMilton Keynes, England Winner: Jim McEwan
CT 6 + 7 1. April Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Scott Williams, Stefan Bellmont
CT 8 + 9 2. April Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Stephen Burton, Danny van Trijp
CT 103. April Hildesheim, Germany Winner: Andy Jenkins
CT 11 + 12 15. JulyHildesheim, Germany Winner: Danny van Trijp, Gian van Veen
CT 13 + 14 16. JulyHildesheim, Germany Winner: Jurjen van der Velde; Kenny Neyens
CT 15 17. JulyHildesheim, Germany Winner: David Pallett
CT 16 + 17 16. SeptemberLeicester, England Winner: Robert Owen, Wesley Plaisier
CT 18 + 19 17. SeptemberLeicester, England Winner: Jurjen van der Velde, Christian Kist
CT 20 18. SeptemberLeicester, England Winner: Scott Williams
CT 21 + 22 15. OctoberLeicester, England Winner: Thibault Tricole, Jacques Labre
CT 23 + 24 16. OctoberLeicester, England Winner: Justin Smith, Andy Hamilton

Ranking 2022
Top ⇑
Final Standings 17. Oktober
1Scott Williams£9.850
2Robert Owen£6.200
3Danny van Trijp£5.950
4Stephen Burton£5.300
5Jurjen van der Velde£5.150
6Thibault Tricole£5.100
7Karel Sedlacek£4.900
8David Pallett£4.700
9Christian Kist£4.300
10Gian van Veen£4.100
11Lee Evans£4.050
12Jacques Labre£3.850
13Kenny Neyens£3.750
14Jim McEwan£3.700
15Andy Jenkins£3.350
16Michael Flynn£3.250
17Jelle Klaasen£3.200
16Lukas Wenig£3.050
19Graham Usher£2.900
19Wesley Plaisier£2.900
21Dan Read£2.800
22Nathan Girvan£2.750
23Justin Smith£2.700
24Scott Marsh£2.650
25Robert Thornton£2.450
26Scott Taylor£2.400
26Jeremy van der Winkle£2.400
26Stu Wilson£2.400
26Danny Lauby£2.400
26Stefan Bellmont£2.400
31Andy Hamilton£2.30
31Gavin Carlin£2.300

Challenge Tour 2021

Top ⇑

European Challenge Tour
CT 1 + 2 2. JulyNiedernhausen, Germany Winners: Matt Campbell, Kevin Doets
CT 3 + 4 3. JulyNiedernhausen, Germany Winners: Rowby-John Rodriguez, Steven Noster
CT 5 + 6 4. July Niedernhausen, Germany Winners: Matt Campbell,, Kenny Neyens
CT 7 + 8 3. SeptemberNiedernhausen, Germany Winners: Jose Justicia, Toni Alcinas
CT 9 + 104. SeptemberNiedernhausen, Germany Winners: Steven Noster, Sebastian Bialecki
CT 11 + 125. SeptemberNiedernhausen, Germany Winners: Matt Campbell, Luc Peters

UK Challenge Tour
CT 1 + 2 6. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winners: Darren Beveridge, Jim Williams
CT 3 + 4 7. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winners: Jim McEwan, Adam Smith-Neale
CT 5 + 6 8. AugustMilton Keynes, England Winners: Shaun McDonald, Jamie Clark
CT 7 + 8 3. SeptemberMilton Keynes, England Winners: Martin Thomas, Matthew Dennant
CT 9 + 104. SeptemberMilton Keynes, England Winners: Reese Robinson, Nathan Rafferty
CT 11 + 125. SeptemberMilton Keynes, England Winners:James Richardson, Cameron Menzies

Ranking 2021
Top ⇑
European Challenge Tour
Final Standings 6. September

UK Challenge Tour
Final Standings 6. September
1Matt Campbell£6.800
2Steven Noster£5.100
3Rowby-John Rodriguez£4.350
4Jose Justicia£3.850
5Toni Alcinas£3.800
6Kevin Doets£3.750
7Kenny Neyens£3.750
8Luc Peters£3.600
9Jimmy Hendriks£3.350
10Wesley Plaisier£2.850
11Sebastian Bialecki£2.800
12Lukas Wenig£2.600
13Ricardo Pietreczko£2.400
14Niko Springer£2.300
15Christian Kist£2.250
16Kevin Blomme£2.100
17Damian Mol£1.800
18Thomas Junghans£1.650
19Chris Landman£1.650
20Mario Vandenbogaerde£1.650
21Richard Veenstra£1.650
22Danny van Tijp£1.600
23Davy Proosten£1.600
24Michael Rasztovits£1.550
25Thibault Tricole£1.500
26Marcel Erba£1.500
27Gino Vos£1.500
28Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1.350
29Franz Roetzsch£1.250
30Jitse van der Wal£1.250
31Brian Raman£1.200
32Gary Mawson£1.200
1Jim Williams£3.950
2Shaun McDonald£3.850
3Martin Thomas£3.800
4Darren Beveridge£3.400
5Adam Smith-Neale£3.350
6Nathan Rafferty£3.200
7Cameron Menzies£3.150
8Reece Robinson£3.100
9Jamie Clark£3.000
10Jim McEwan£2.700
11Matthew Dennant£1.550
12James Richardson£2.450
13Gavin Carlin£2.350
14Connor Scutt£1.950
15Keelan Kay£1.750
16Richie Burnett£1.650
17Carl Wilkinson£1.550
18Jason Hogg£1.500
19Robert Rickwood£1.400
20Justin Smith£1.400
21Nathan Girvan£1.400
22Carl Beattie£1.400
23Dan Lauby£1.350
24Adam Mould£1.300
25Chas Barstow£1.300
26Derek Coulson£1.200
27Colin Osborne£1.200
28Kevin Burness£1.200
29Nick Fullwell£1.150
30Ryan Furness£1.150
31Robert Thornton£1.150
32Robert Owen£1.150

Challenge Tour 2020

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 25. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Robbie Collins, Scott Mitchell
CT 3 + 4 26. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Matthew Dennant, Jitse van der Wal
CT 5 + 6 9. October Barnsley, England Winners: Keane Barry, David Evans
CT 7 + 8 10. OctoberBarnsley, England Winners: Jim Williams, David Evans
CT 9 + 1011. OctoberBarnsley, England Winners: Ritchie Edhouse, Kevin Doets

Ranking 2020
Top ⇑
On 12. October 2020
1David Evans£4.400
2Ritchie Edhouse£3.450
3Keane Barry£3.350
4Matthew Dennant£3.300
5Scott Mitchell£3.150
6Jim Williams£2.450
6Robert Collins£2.450
8Maikel Verberk£2.400
9Kevin Doets£2.300
10Jitse van der Wal£2.150
11Nathan Rafferty£1.950
13Richie Burnett£1.750
13Scott Taylor£1.700
14Andrew Gilding£1.600
15Lewis Williams£1.550
15Adam Huckvale£1.550
17Darren Beveridge£1.400
18Chas Barstow£1.350
19Chris Quantock£1.250
20Arjan Konterman£1.200
21Eddie Lovely£1.100
22Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1.050
22Scott Williams£1.050
24Ryan Hogarth£950
24Nick Fullwell£950
26Cameron Menzies£900
27James Richardson£850
27James Hubbard£850
29Kevin Burness£800
29Brian Raman£800
29Justin Hood£800
32Dave Parletti£750
32Niall Culleton£750
32Kevin Lane£750

Challenge Tour 2019

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 26. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Stephen Burton, Shaun Carroll
CT 3 + 4 27. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Ritchie Edhouse, Boris Koltsov
CT 5 + 6 11. May Wigan, England Winners: Darren Beveridge, Cameron Menzies
CT 7 + 8 12. MayWigan, England Winners: Jesus Noguera, Stephen Burton
CT 9 + 1013. JulyPeterborough, England Winners: Cody Harris, Nick Fullwell
CT 11 + 12 14. JulyPeterborough, England Winners: Berry van Peer, Andy Jenkins
CT 13 + 14 10. AugustWolverhampton, England Winners: Cameron Menzies, Patrick Lynskey
CT 15 + 16 11. AugustWolverhampton, England Winners: Jesus Noguera, Callan Rydz
CT 17 + 18 28. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Ciaran Teehan, Callan Rydz
CT 19 + 20 29. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Kyle McKinstry, Mark Barilli

Ranking 2019
Top ⇑
Final Standings 30. September
1Callan Rydz£6.750
2Jesus Noguera£6.050
3Cameron Menzies£5.800
4Stephen Burton£5.500
5Boris Koltsov£5.400
6Andy Jenkins£4.800
7Cody Harris£4.750
8Kyle McKinstry£4.700
9Berry van Peer£4.350
10Patrick Lynskey£4.100
11Nick Fullwell£3.800
12Ritchie Edhouse£3.800
13Nathan Rafferty£3.400
14David Evans£3.250
15Andrew Gilding£3.100
16Ciarin Teehan£3.050
17Mark Barilli£2.900
18Darren Beveridge£2.900
19Scott Taylor£2.700
20Shaun Carroll£2.550
21Dave Prins£2.500
22Kevin Garcia£2.200
23Justin Smith£2.000
24Wessel Nijman£2.000
25Dennis Nilsson£1.850
26Jason Cullen£1.800
27Mark Walsh£1.750
28Matthew Dennant£1.650
29Arjan Konterman£1.650
30Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1.550
31Adam Huckvale£1.500
32Darren Johnson£1.450

Challenge Tour 2018

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 27. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Simon Preston, Diogo Portela
CT 3 + 4 28. JanuaryWigan, England Winners: Martin Atkins, Jason Cullen
CT 5 + 6 24. March Milton Keynes, England Winners: John Davey, Michael Barnard
CT 7 + 8 25. MarchMilton Keynes, England Winners: Dennis Nilsson, Ted Evetts
CT 9 + 105. MayWigan, England Winners: Cody Harris, Michael Barnard
CT 11 + 12 6. MayWigan, England Winners: Michael Barnard, Adam Huckvale
CT 13 + 14 8. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Jamie Hughes, Krzysztof Ratajski
CT 15 + 16 9. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Cameron Menzies, Lee Budgen
CT 17 + 18 10. NovemberPeterborough, England Winners: David Evans, Jonathan Worsley
CT 19 + 20 11. NovemberPeterborough, England Winners: Michael Rasztovits, Ted Evetts

Ranking 2018
Top ⇑
On 11. November
1Michael Barnard£11.600
2Ted Evetts£6.100
3Cody Harris£5.650
4Cameron Menzies£5.300
5Krzysztof Ratajski£4.200
6Andy Boulton£4.050
6Martin Atkins (Wigan)£4.050
8Dennis Nilsson£4.000
9David Evans£3.850
10Simon Preston£3.800
11Adam Huckvale£3.400
12Jamie Hughes£3.350
13Michael Rasztovits£3.150
14Jason Cullen£3.100
15Diogo Portela£3.050
15Jarred Cole£3.050
17Jonathan Worsley£2.900
18Yordi Meeuwisse£2.800
19Mark Frost£2.750
20Matthew Dennant£2.550
21Darren Beveridge£2.450
21John Davey£2.450
22Lee Budgen£2.400

Challenge Tour 2017

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 25. March Milton Keynes, England Winners: Aaron Dyer, Paul Milford
CT 3 + 4 26. MarchMilton Keynes, England Winners: Aaron Dyer, Lee Evans
CT 5 + 615. AprilBarnsley, England Winners: Ryan Harrington, Wayne Jones
CT 7 + 8 16. AprilBarnsley, England Winners: Mark Dudbridge, Wayne Jones
CT 9 + 10 13. MayMilton Keynes, England Winners: Nathan Aspinall, Robert Rickwood
CT 11 + 12 14. MayMilton Keynes, England Winners: Peter Jacques, Luke Humphries
CT 13 + 14 10. JuneMilton Keynes, England Winners: Warrick Scheffer, Kevin McDine
CT 15 + 16 11. JuneMilton Keynes, England Winners: Mark dudbridge, Matthew Edgar
CT 17 + 18 9. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Peter Jacques, Nick Fulwell
CT 19 + 20 10. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Wayne Jones, Alan Tabern

Ranking 2017
Top ⇑
Final Standings on 11. September
PlayerPrice Money
1Wayne Jones£10.300
2Mark Dudbridge£6.500
3Luke Humphries£5.700
4Peter Jacques£5.550
5Aaron Dyer£5.400
6Alan Tabern£5.200
7Mark Frost£4.050
8Kevin McDine£3.950
9Lee Evans£3.850
10Warrick Scheffer£3.700
11Robert Rickwood£3.600
12Paul Milford£3.400
13Nick Fullwell£3.350
14Ryan Harrington£3.150
15Kevin Dowling£2.950
16Kevin Edwards£2.900
17Matthew Edgar£2.850
18Nathan Aspinall£2.850
19Martin Lukeman£2.650
20Jason Wilson£2.650
21Barrie Bates£2.550
22Jay Foreman£2.500
23Andy Smith£2.500
24Stuart Kellett£2.350
25Peter Hudson£2.150
26Adam Smith-Neale£2.050
27Radoslaw Szaganski £1.750
28Alex Roy£1.750
29Charlie Jackson£1.700
30Dan Read£1.650
31Michael Barnard£1.600
32Peter Mitchell£1.600
33Jason Lovett£1.600
34Scott Dale£1.550
35Mark Wilson£1.550
36Graig Gilchrist£1.500
37James Hubbard£1.50
38Diogo Portela£1.450
39Sam Head£1.450
40Curtis Hammond£1.450
41Brett Claydon£1.450
42Gary Stone£1.400
43Paul Phillips£1.400
44Arjan Konterman £1.400
45Martin Thomas £1.350
46Ian Jones£1.350
47Steve Brown£1.300
48Ryan Murray£1.300
49Matt Padgett £1.250
50Kurt Parry£1.250

The first two players in the final ranking get a Tour Card for two years, the players ranked 3 - 8 can enter Qualifying School 2018 for free.

Challenge Tour 2016

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 19. March Wigan, England Winners: Chris Quantock, Barry Lynn
CT 3 + 4 20. MarchWigan, England Winners: Ritchie Edhouse, Bryan de Hoog
CT 5 + 628. MayWigan, England Winners: Nick Fullwell, Adam Hunt
CT 7 + 8 29. MayWigan, England Winners: Ryan Searle, Scott Taylor
CT 9 + 10 25. JuneCoventry, England Winners: Matt Padgett, Rob Cross
CT 11 + 12 26. JuneCoventry, England Winners: Richie Burnett, Kelvin Hart
CT 13 + 14 10. SeptemberWigan, England Winners: Rob Cross, Richie Burnett
CT 15 + 16 11. September Wigan, England Winners: Rob Cross, Ryan Searle

Ranking 2016

Top ⇑

From 11. September 2016
PlayerPrice Money
1Rob Cross£9.700
2Ryan Searle£7.400
3Richie Brunett£5.000
4Barry Lynn£4.650
5Adam Hunt£4.150
6Mark Dudbridge£3.950
7Bryan de Hoog£3.850
8Scott Taylor£3.700
9Nick Fullwell£3.600
10Chris Quantock£3.250
11Matt Padgett£3.150
12Peter Hudson£2.800
13Kelvin Hart£2.750
14Barrie Bates£2.600
15Aaron Monk£2.550
16Richie Edhouse£2.350
17Martyn Turner£2.200
18Jamie Bain£2.000
19Lee Evans£1.950
20Michael Barnard£1.800
21Ricky Sudale£1.700
22Rene Eidams£1.650
23Dean Stewart£1.600
24Rob Modra£1.550
25Mark Hylton£1.500
26Paul Coughlin£1.400
26Eddie White£1.400
26Jamie Kelling£1.400
29Callum Loose£1.350
29Adam Smith-Neale£1.350
31Kurt Parry£1.250
32Steve Maish£1.200
32Martin Lukeman£1.200
34Michael Dawson£1.150
34Tatu Pekhonen£1.150
34Mick Todd£1.150
37Richard Baillie£1.100
37Harry Ward£1.100
37Scott Marsh£1.100
37Colin Fowler£1.100
37Richard North£1.100
42Kevin Dowling£1.050
42Jamie Landon £1.050
42Sven Groen£1.050
45Trevor Burkhill£1.000
45Diogo Portola£1.000
45Nigel Birch£1.00
45Eddie Dootson£1.000

Challenge Tour 2015

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 21. MarchWigan, England Winners: Kirk Sheperd, Colin Fowler
CT 3 + 4 22. MarchWigan, England Winners: Shaun Griffiths, Richie Corner
CT 5 + 630. MayWigan, England Winners: Jan Dekker, Matt Clark
CT 7 + 8 31. MayWigan, England Winners: Shaun Griffiths, Joe Murnan
CT 9 + 10 11. JulyWigan, England Winners: Jan Dekker, Joe Murnan
CT 11 + 12 12. JulyWigan, England Winners: Richie Corner, Dean Reynolds
CT 13 + 14 19. SeptemberCoventry, England Winners: Chris Quantock, Peter Hudson
CT 15 + 16 20. September Coventry, England Winners: Jan Dekker, Martin Lukeman

Ranking 2015

Top ⇑

Final Ranking From 21. September 2015
1Jan Dekker, Tour Card£7.350
1Richie Corner, Tour Card£7.350
3Shaun Griffiths, QS£5.600
4Chris Quantock, QS£4.650
5Kirk Shepherd, QS£4.350
6Joe Murnan, QS£4.250
7Peter Hudson, QS£3.800
7Dean Reynolds, QS£3.800
9Matt Clark£3.350
10Scott Dale£2.700
11Colin Fowler£2.700
12Martin Lukeman£2.550
12Jack Twedell£2.550
14Ryan Searle£2.450
15Jon Jukes£2.350
16Ryan Palmer£2.250
16Mike Norton£2.250
18Steve Maish£2.000
19Lee Evans£1.800
19Jay Foreman£1.800
19Kurt Parry£1.800
22Alex Roy£1.750
23Ian Lever£1.700
24Rocky Sudale£1.550
24Michael Barnard£1.550
24Tony Randall£1.550
27Ryan Harrington£1.450
28Sam Hamilton£1.400
29Mike de Dekker£1.350
29Aden Kirk£1.350
29Ian Walters£1.350
29Antonio Alcinas£1.350
33Paul Rowley£1.300
33Danny Pinhorne£1.300
33Karl Merchant£1.3000
33Jonathan Worsley£1.300
33Mark Hylton£1.300
38Kevin Thomas£1.250
38Chris Aubrey£1.250
40James Richardson £1.200
41James Hubbard £1.150
42Stephen Lovett£1.100
42Simon Preston£1.100
44Harry Ward£1.050
45 Jason Marriott£1.000
45Darren Weaver£1.000
45Stuart Harding£1.000
45Anthony Hayman£1.000
45Peter Mitchell£1.000
50Paul Coughlin£950
50Stephen Gallimore£950
50Darron Brown£950
50Ian McFarlane£950

Challenge Tour 2014

Top ⇑

CT 1 + 2 2. March Wigan, England Winners: Jamie Robinson, Ron Meulenkamp
CT 3 30. MarchReading, England Winner: Alan Tabern
CT 46. AprilReading, England Winner: Matthew Edgar
CT 5 + 627. AprilWigan, England Winners: Colin Fowler
CT 7 + 818. MayCoventry, England Winners: Alex Roy, Alan Tabern
CT 9 + 101. JuneWigan, England Winners: Alan Tabern, Jay Foreman
CT 11 + 126. JulyCoventry, England Winners: Mark Frost, Brett Claydon
CT 13 + 1428. September Coventry, England Winners: Both Mark Frost
CT 15 + 162. November Wigan, England Winners: Colin Fowler, Matt Clark

Ranking 2014

Top ⇑

On 3. November
PlayersPrice MoneyEvents
1Mark Frost£9.15012
2Alan Tabern£8.350 11
3Colin Fowler£8.05015
4Matthew Edgar£5.15014
5Jamie Robinson£5.00015
6Matt Clark£4.55012
7Alex Roy£3.80011
8Steve Douglas£3.65011
9Dirk van Duijvenbode£3.45010
10Jay Foreman£3.45011
11Ron Meulenkamp£3.10011
12Brett Claydon£2.8009
13Danny Pinhorne£2.65012
14Prakash Jiwa£2.55014
15Jason Wilson£2.40014
16Luke Woodhouse£2.35012
17Aden Kirk£2.20011
18Joe Lacey£2.15012
19Ian McFarlane£2.1509
20Max Hopp£2.0509
21Nick Fulwell£1.95013
22Dave Honey£1.9508
23Scott MacKenzie£1.9008
24Mark Lawrence£1.8509
25Kevin Thomas£1.80012
26Michael Beal£1.65012
27Mark Jones£1.55012
28Michael Burgoine£1.5009
29Nathan Derry£1.50012
30Reece Robinson£1.50011
31Doug Thompson£1.45012
32Garry Spedding£1.450 8

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