Adam "Thorn" Smith - Darts Around the World

In this short interviews amateur dart players from around the world were presented who all had something in common - they are members of the American SEWA forum.
Some of the interviews were published in an American magazine.
And now you can find them here on globaldarts.
They fit into the concept - globaldarts wants to help you to recaive an impression of the dartsscene around the world.
And here now is Thorn's own introduction - he wrote it as forward to his first interview.

The planet Earth is a lot like a dartboard. Divided into zones by concentric circles, both are mapped with meridians that originatein England. Zones vary in value, but, depending on the itinerary, they can all be attractive-barring re-routed flights and long layovers and the borders.
Popular destinations like Tokyo and the D20, New York and the T19, or Berlin and the SB, see steady tourism, while possible peril awaits in places like Bermuda and the D1. But, once you are there, nowhere else could be more beautiful.

And, in one remote corner, in North America, in the United States, in the Pacifc Northwest, in the TriCities, the website of the South Eastern Washington Association was created. Since its inception, June 1, 2003, over two thousand members--first timers, fierce leaguers and famous world champs-have joined this forum and its devotion to the global promotion of the science, art, and sport of darts!

With members on every continent (save Antarctica-no, seriously, save Antarctica!) we can experience international intrigue in a series of interviews with some of SEWA's most colorful walking talking chalking oche jockeys! So, grab your passport, keep your seatbelt buckled, make sure you've got your shots, and prepare for a virtual worldwide tour of the people and places that make SEWA rock!...

But Adam "Thorn" Smith not only does interviews but travels himself and where ever he turns up he has a view at the local darts scene.


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