The "Deutscher Dart-Verband is the national German steeldart organisation and member of the WDF.
The members of the DDV are the different state organisations, there are no individual members but when you are member of a dartclub in one of the state organisations you are automatically member of the DDV.
All members pay a member fee and can take part in the tournaments organised by the DDV.

The DDV was founded in 1982 by nine founder members, dartclubs at that time. 1991 the first WDF ranking tournament was played in Germany, 1993 the four nations cup was hosted for the first time and in 1996 the European Youth Cup. In 2012 the DDV will for the first time organise the WDF Europe Cup.

Since the season 2003/2004 a Bundesliga is played with today 18 clubs in two groups south and north. The eight best clubs from both groups meet every year for the play-offs in Berlin.

In October 2010 the board could announce that one of the long time goals finally seems to be reached before the end of the year - the admission to the DOSB which would mean Darts would be a recognised sport in Germany.

After it leaked out in 2010 that the board president Stefan Mischke had several accounts in a German darts forum, which he deliberatly used for his purpose he passed a vote of no confidence. Almost the complete board decleared solidarity and resigned as well. A few turbulent years followed but it looks the problems are all solved now. By regulary reports about the work of the board one tries to be lucent. Youth darts now plays a more importent part - a Youth spokesman was added to the board.

Today (Ocotber 2019) the board looks like this:
Michael Sandner - president
Winfried Matheis - vice president
Bodo Wermke - treasurer
Jörg Brochhausen - secretary
Adi Seidl - admin
Klaus Marquardt - president DDV Verbandsgericht
Axel Krauss - national coach
Jürgen Rollmann - sporting director
Dieter Hinderer - representative for paradart and inclusion
Carsten Poeting - youth
Solveig Kluge - debuty youth
Jana Rößling - youth spokesman

By now the DDV has around 10 000 members and includes the following state members:

BDV (Bayern)
BWDV (Baden-Württemberg)
DVBB ( Berlin-Brandenburg)
HBDV (Hansestadt Bremen)
HDV (Hessen)
LDVH (Hansestadt Hamburg)
NDV (Niedersachsen)
NWDV (Nordrhein Westfalen)
RPDV (Rheinland Pfalz)
SADV (Saarland)
SDV (Sachsen)
SHDV (Schleswig Holstein)

And the following regional organisations(members of state members):

ADV Allgäuer Dartverband
BBDV Braunschweiger Bezirksdartverband e.V.
BDVLH Bezirksdartverband Lüneburger Heide von 2008 e.V.
DBH Dart Bezirksverband Hannover e.V.
DVO Dartverband Ostbayern e.V.
DVOS Dartverband Oberschwaben e.V.
EHM Dartliga Eifel-Hunsrück - Mosel e:V.
MOFDV Mittel- und Oberfränkischer Dartverband e.V.
OBVD Oberbayerischer Dartverband e.V.
OWL Ostwestfalen-Darts-Liga
Rheni-Hunsrück-Liga e.V.
SDNL Steeldart Niederdachsenliga

The DDV organises the following tournaments:

National Tournaments
Deutsche Meisterschaften
German Masters
Ranking Turniere

WDF/BDO/DDV Ranking Events
German Open
German Gold Cup
Dortmund Open

The DDV has got an own homepage: DDV

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