Dortmund Open

The Dortmund Open originally were a DDV ranking tournament which was first played in 1983. 1996 it became a WDF ranking tournament as well. It's a WDF tournament category 2.

Since 2008 the tournament is sponsored by Winmau and due to this called Winmau Dortmund Open.

The tournament was organised from the beginning by the Dortmund Stadtliga and it took place in different venues in Dortmund.

As it is a WDF tournament international players take part in it but not as many as in the German Open. That was partial due to the fact that it was for years played in February and collided with the Scottish Open. Till 2010 it is played in May but now a lot of German players don't take part because the PDC Europe at the same date organises a Players Championship weekend in Austria.

The Dortmund Open consists of ladies and men's singles and doubles and single tournaments for boys and girls. On the Friday a warm-up tournament is offered and usually on Sunday an additional tournament can be played by players who are already eliminated from the main tournaments.

It seems there are no records about the winners of the first two years but from 1985 onwards the winners of the singles competitions are known and from 2002 onwards one can find the complete list of winners on the DDV homepage. In 1988 the tournament was played twice.

The ladies tournament was won eleven times by Heike Ernst (today Jenkins), an impressive achievement. She was the most successive player of the ladies doubles as well with at least seven wins. There were a lot of different German winners in the men's contests too but as many international winners.
The German girls were very successful while German winners in the boys contest are rare.

Winners Men's competitions
Singles Doubles
1985Ellis Elswiefen -
1986Jilles Vermaat)-
1987Bert Vlaadingerbrock-
1988Bernd Hebecker-
1988Stefan Eckelaert-
1989Kai Pfeiffer-
1990Kai Pfeiffer-
1991Wayne Weening -
1992 Kai Pfeiffer-
1993Markus Schulte-
1994Volker Backes-
1995Volker Backes-
1996Pascal Rabau-
1997Rudy Delannoy-
1998Eric Clarys-
1999Eric Clarys-
2000Mensur Suljovic-
2001Dirk Rossel-
2002Eric ClarysBorry/Clarys
2003Thomas WilleBorry/Clarys
2004Marcus SchulteBorry Clarys
2005Martin JonkersSeyler/Welge
2006Michael RosenauerPuls/Schulte
2007Michael RosenauerLangendorf/Westermann
2008Ronny HuybrechtsRice/Koch
2009Gino VoosWelge/Seyler
2010Robert WagnerRonny und Kim Huybrechts

Winners Ladies competitions
1985Heidi Gäde -
1986 Heike Grahl -
1987 Varely Maytum -
1988Heike Ernst -
1988Heike Ernst -
1989Heike Ernst -
1990Astrid Kamm -
1991Ela Worms -
1992Astrid Kamm -
1993Heike Ernst -
1994Heike Ernst -
1995Heike Ernst -
1996Francis Hoenselaar -
1997Francis Hoenselaar -
1998Francis Hoenselaar -
1999Heike ErnstErnst/Strauch
2000Heike ErnstErnst/Strauch
2001Heike ErnstErnst/Strauch
2002Heike ErnstErnst/Strauch
2003Sandra Pollet Ernst/Strauch
2004Heike ErnstErnst/Strauch
2005Sandra PolletErnst/Leipold
2006Sandra Pollet Csepeli/Strauch
2007Zsofia LasarEggerson/Nielsen
2008Irina ArmstrongGamm/Hartmann
2009Michelle SossongSossong/Lessmeister
2010Marene WestermannGöbel/Sossong

Winners Youth
Girls Boys
2002Nicole OosthuesJope Bakens
2003Yvonne Bliß Jerry Hendriks
2004Viktoria Weber Jerry Hendriks
2005Priscilla GroenewegBrian Megens
2006Thea Kaaijk Sven vam Dun
2007Thea KaaijkDaniel van Mourik
2008Jenny LieverkusDaniel van Mourik
2009Lynn PoolenDaniel van Mourik
2010Ann-Kathrin Wigmann Max Hopp

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