PDC World Cup

As the one time Women's World Championship and the U 21 World Championship the PDC World Cup is a new tournament played for the first time in 2010.

While at the WDF World Cup all nations which are members of the WDF can take part, the PDC World Cup can be played by all countries which have at least one player in the PDC Order of Merit.

2010, 2012
In 2010 it will be 24 countries which will be represented by two-player-teams - the two players who are ranked best in the Order of Merit. Should it be only one player the second will be invited.

The eight top teams - those are the eight teams which are the teams which the lowest sum of ranking positions - are seeded into the second round.

Teams 9 - 24 play in round one and the winning teams are drawn against the seeded teams.
Round two winners are divided into two groups and round three will be played in round robin. The round robin was only played in 2010. In 2012 the second round was changed to k.o. and the match winners progressed into the quarterfinals.

2013 - changed format
There are now three pools with teams. One team from each pool will be drawn in eight groups A - H and the first round will be played in round robin. Winner and runner-up of each group progress to the last 16. From the last 16 onwards it will be played knockout in a predetermined order.
in the first round and in the last 16 only doubles will be played, in the first round best of seven legs, in the last 16 best of nine legs. From the quarterfinals two singles will be played(the teams decide in which order) followed by a double if necessary, the format is best of seven throughout. The final consiste of four single matches and a double if necessary and is best of seven as well.

2014 - changed format
32 teams play in an knockout format. 16 teams are seeded and the other 16 unseeded. The unseeded teams are drawn against the seeded teams.
The first PDC World Cup was played from 3. - 5. November in the Raintown Meadows Arena in Houghton-le-Spring (South of Newcastle-upon-Tyne). The second World Cup will be played in February 2012 in Hamburg. World Cup number three will again played in Hamburg from 1. - 3. February 2013. 2015 The World Cup takes place in Frankfurt.
The tournament is televised on sky sport.

World Cup Winners
2010Holland - Van Barneveld/Stompe8:5Wales - Webster/Bates
2012England - Taylor/Lewis4:3Australia - Whitlock/Nicholson
2013England - Taylor/Lewis3:1Belgium - Kim und Ronny Huybrechts
2014Holland - Van Barneveld/Van Gerwen3:0England - Taylor/Lewis
2015England - Taylor/Lewis3:2Scotland - Anderson/Wright
2016England - Taylor/Lewis3:2Holland - Van Barneveld/Van Gerwen
2017Holland - Van Barneveld/Van Gerwen3:1Wales - Price/Webster
2018Holland - Van Barneveld/Van Gerwen3:1Schottland - Anderson/Wright
2019Scotland - Anderson/Wright3:1Republic of Ireland - O'Connor/Lennon
2020Wales - Price/Clayton3:0England - Cross/Smith
2021Scotland - Wright/Henderson3:1Austria - Suljovic/Rodriguez
2022Australia - Heta/Whitlock3:1Wales - Price/Clayton
2023Wales - Price/Clayton8:2Scotland - Wright/Anderson

Price Money
WinnerRunner-UpSemifinalQuarterfinalLast 16Group Phase
201320 000 Pound Each10 000 Pound Each6500 Pound Each3000 Pound Each1500 Pound Each1100 Pound Each
201420 000 Pound Each10 000 Pound Each7000 Pound Each3500 Pound Each2250 Pound Each1500 Pound Each
201525 000 Pound Each13 000 Pound Each7500 Pound Each3500 Pound Each2250 Pound Each1500 Pound Each
201625 000 Pound Each13 000 Pound Each7500 Pound Each5000 Pound Each3500 Pound Each1500 Pound Each
201730 000 Pound Each16 000 Pound Each10 000 Pound Each7000 Pound Each4000 Pound Each1500 Pound Each
2020/21/2235 000 Pound Each20 000 Pound Each12 000 Pound Each8000 Pound Each4000 Pound Each2000 Pound Each

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