Dartoids World

Dartoid's World is a irregularly but frequently published darts column brought into being by the American Paul Seigel in 1995.
While Paul Seigel is a totally respectable person, the artificial character Dartoid developed over the years a distinctive live of it's own and views the dart world with a wink, exaggerating and often out of an surprising angle.
Both have in common that the feel very much devoted to the sport of darts, are more average dart players and travel around the world their darts always in the luggage.
As Paul Seigel is an American, Dartoid of course covers a lot of American topics but the travels often lead till in the remotest regions of the world - wherever business directs Paul Seigel. Then it can happen that Dartoid's opponent is an elephant or that he throws his darts far from civilization only in the light af a starry sky to the board.
Dartoid published his column on his own homepage where one can find recently the column of the American boxing expert Howie Redd as well, though Howie there writes about darts. And there is a Dartoid shop as well, some times a not really serious poll and of course the "controversial" monthly "Double Out Shot"
Paul Seigel kindly allowed Global Darts to use the column not only in our own German translation but to use the original as well.


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