Neil Duff
Birthday: 22. July 1972
Lives in: Ballyclare, Northern Ireland
Born in: Ballyclare, Northern Ireland
Nickname The Duffman
Darts: 23g Red Dragon
Walk-On-Music: Welcome to the Party (DJ Krissy)/ Back in Time (Pitbull)
Organisation: WDF

Northern Irish Neil Duff already plays darts for many years but first only in his home country. 2006 he took part for the first time in the World Masters and reached the Last 32. 2016 he for the first time took part as member of the Northern Irish national team in the WDF World Cup and for the first time tried to qualify for the BDO World Championship by the qualifier but failed. From 2015 Duff every year qualified for the World Masters and in 2019 reached the quarterfinals. 2020 he stood at the Isle of Man Masters for the first time in a tournament final but lost to Thibault Tricole. 2021 he won the England National Singles - his first tournament win and the start of his so far most successful year.
Due to his success he moved up the ranking and qualified for the inaugural WDF World Championships 2022 which he entered as the number 5 seed. Duff played a very consistent tournament and managed to win it at his debut. He is the first ever player from Northern Ireland who could win a Wolrd Championship. In the final he defeated Frenchman Thibault Tricole. By winning the World Championship Duff moved on the first playce in the WDF ranking.

Picture with kind admission of Chris Sargeant, WDF

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