John Desreumaux
Birthday: 24. October 1974
Lives in: Belgium
Born in: Belgium
Nickname Killer Bee
Walk-On-Music: Killer Bee (Anouk)
Organisation: WDF

Belgian John Desreumaux already plays darts for many years but mostly took part in Belgian tournaments. As part of the Belgian national team he took part in 2014 and 2018 in the WDF Europe Cup. But most of the time he stayed without noteworthy success. In 2019 he surprisingly reached the semi-finals of the French Classic. 2020 he confirmed the good form by progressing into the quarterfinals of the Dutch Open. 2021 he won his first tournament - the Malta Open. When he reached in the same year the quarterfinals of the Italian Grand Masters he had collected enough ranking points to qualify for the WDF World Championship 2022. He lost in the second round to James Hurrell.

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