Zuiderduin Masters

The Zuiderduin Masters is a dart tournament, which is played since 1995 with some breaks and under different names.
First it was called Dutch Grand Masters, then European Grand Masters, 2005 it was the Leedensk Masters and since 2007 it is played as Zuiderduin Masters named after the main sponsor the Zuiderduin Hotel in Egmond aan Zee - the venue where it takes place. From 2015 it will be the Finders Masters after the new main sponsor.

Traditional the Zuiderduin Masters is the last tournament played before the BDO World Championship. At the beginning it was only a men's tournament but since 2008 a women's tournament exists as well.

In the men's tournament 24 players take part, the women's tournament is for 8 players. The men's tournament starts as round robin and from the quarterfinals on it is straight knock-out.

The Zuiderduin Masters is an invitation tournament. The top 16 men of the BDO Invitation table are invited and the top 5 women.
To those top 16 men the four highest ranked players of the IDTL ranking (International Tour of the Lowlands) and the top women of the IDTL ranking are added. Should those already be qualified not the next in this ranking move up - theses places turn into wild cards.
Beside those players the winners (men and women) of the Champion League of Darts join the field.

All the remaining places are wild cards - at least one for the women and three for the men.

The Zuiderduin Masters is a WDF/BDO/NDB tournament.

The following tournamnts willcount for the qualification to the Finders Masters 2015:
French Open 2014
Luxembourg Open 2014
Tops of Ghent 2014
Zceh Open 2014
Sunpark Masters 2014
Zuiderduin Masters2014

BDO Lakeside World Pro 2015
Dutch Open 2015
Scottish Open 2015
Hal Open 2015
Hal Masters 2015
German Open 2015
Welsh Open 2015
England Open 2015
Belgium Open 2015
Antwerp Open 2015

Winners Men
1995Raymond van Barneveld
1996Martin Adams
2000Martin Adams
2001Raymond van Barneveld
2002Tony David
2003Raymond van Barneveld
2004Raymond van Barneveld
2005Mervyn King
2007Gary Anderson
2008Gary Anderson
2009Darryl Fitton
2010Ross Montgomery
2011Scott Waites
2012Stephen Bunting
2013James Wilson
2014Jamie Hughes

Winners Women
2008Lisa Ashton
2009Julie Gore
2010Trina Gulliver
2011Deta Hedman
2012Anastasia Dobromyslova
2013Aileen de Graaf
2014Anastasia Dobromyslova

Winners Youth
2010Jimmy Hendriks
2011Jimmy Hendriks
2012Quin Wester
2013Colin Roelofs
2014Callan Rydz

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