Super League Darts Iberia

Similar to Bull's Super League Germany the PDC Europe will organise a Super League Darts Iberia in which players from Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain and Andorra can take part.
On three weekends 2013 two tournaments each will be played in round robin format. Then the top eight of the ranking will play for the win. The winner will get a place in the PDC World Championship.
Till the semifinals all matches are best of 11 legs, the semi-finals are best of 15 legs and the final best of 19 legs.

The number of participants is restricted to 16 players. 6 of those will be invited directly by the PDC Europe though one can apply as well for those places. 2013 five places go to Spain and one place goes to Gibraltar. The other ten places go to qualifiers from ten qualifications played till the end of June.

Participants 2013:
Antonio AlcinasFinal Group 2
Carlos Rodriguez - Final Group 1
Sergio Garcia
Julio Barbero - Final Group 1
Eduardo Sales
Dylan Duo - Final Group 2

+ 10 qualifiers:
Miguel Cueto
Borja Sanchez Bra (eliminated)
Antonio Jiminez - Final Group 1
Miguel Cantero - Final Group 2
Raul Invernon
Eduardo Gonzales
Carlos Jiminez - Final Group 1
Justin Broton
Goncalo Padeira
Jose BarataFinal Group 2

Dates 2013, planned
SLDI 1 20. JulyAvila. Spain
SLDI 2 21. JulyAvila, Spain
SLDI 3September Gibraltar
SLDI 4September Gibraltar
SLDI 5October Zaragoza, Spain
SLDI 6OctoberZaragoza, Spain
SLD Finale16. NovemberAlicante, Spain Sieger: Julio Barbero

Price Money
Place PDC WC, Participation SDLI 2014800 Euro, Participation SDLI 2014400 Euro, Participation SDLI 2014200 Euro

From 1. September
1Julio Barbero29
2Antonio Alcinas25
3Miguel Cantero23
4Goncalo Padeira18
5Dylan Duo18
6Antonio Jiminez17
7Carlos Rodriguez17
8Carlos Jiminez 14
9Sergio Garcia13
10Justin Broton13
11Raul Invernon8
12Jose Barata8
13Eduardo Sales8
14Miguel Cueto7
15Eduardo Gonzales6
16Borja Sanchez Bra0

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