WDF Europe Cup Youth

The Europe Cup Youth is a WDF tournament, which is played every year but in different countries.
The first Europe Cup Youth was played in 1990 and from beginning there always was played a single and a double event both for the girld and the boys Beside for the boys a team event takes place as well.

Youthplayers from all the Euroepan member xountries of the WDF can take part in the tournament. While the youth events of the World Cup, the Asia/Pacific Cup and the America Cup are played in the context of those tournaments the WDF Europe Cup Youth always takes place seperately and is assigned seprately as well.
Beside this the format is mostly the same in all WDF Cups.

While for the World Cup the WDF is mainly responsible, the European Council,a WDF branch, is responsible for the European Cup.

Winners Boys
1990Holland Denmark Peter van Tilborg Tilborg/Van der Voort
1991GermanyDenmarkVincent van der Voort Hartenfels/Lechten
1992SwedenNorwayÖrjan ThomssonLund/Brondum
1993FinlandFinlandSami SalamaLavikainen/Larinen
1994FinlandFinlandChristian LechtenAndersson/Knutsson
1995Holland FinlandSteve Douglas Moen/Brandsen
1996England England Nick Buckingham Buckingham/Sutch
1997EnglandEnglandLeon WomackSmith/Womack
1998Denmark HollandIgor Maturov Peter/Sonderby
1999DenmarkDenmark Jeroen van LeeuwenChapman/Jones
2000EnglandEnglandJeroen van Leeuwen Crawley/Wade
2001England RussiaJoey ten Berge Crawley/Kind
2002Scotland ScotlandStephen BuntingMedvedev/Alexandrov
2003Holland HollandDennis Labee Labee/Van Dun
2004GermanyDenmarkJonny Nijs Münch/Klimek
2005HollandHollandJonny NijsNijy/Van Gerwen
2006HollandHollandMichael van GerwenVanGerwen/Van Dun
2007Holland HollandMaarten PapeCollijn/Dekker
2008England HollandPatrick MeaneyStitger/Pape
2009SwedenHollandOskar LukasiakLukasiak/Torbjornsson
2010England EnglandNick Kenny Stigter/De Zwaan
2011HollandEnglandJimmy HendriksDe Zwaan/Zuydwijk
2012England HollandMax HoppDe Zwaan/Wester
2013HollandHollandQuin WesterWester/Roelofs
2014Holland HollandColin RoelofsRasmussen/Bergo
2015Republic of Ireland Republic of IrelandNico SchlundVerberk/van Tergouw
2016Netherlands NetherlandsJustun van TergouwVerberk/van Tergouw
2017Netherlands NetherlandsJared ColeRodriguez/Langer
2018Netherlands NetherlandsJurjen van der VeldeHeffernan/Barry
2019Republic of IrelandNetherlandsLeighton Bennettv.d.Velde/v.d.Kwast

Winners Girls
YearOverallSingles Doubles
1990DenmarkAnn-Louise AndersenVonscheidt/Jakob
1991Denmark Ann-Louise Andersen Andersen/Knudsen
1992Denmark Ann-Louise AndersenAndersen/Nielsen
1993Finland Jane WirenWiren/Liimatta
1994FinlandMieke de BoerWiren/Liimatta
1995EnglandCaroline LeeBarnard/Lee
1996England Caroline LeeBarnard/Lee
1997England Caroline Lee Barnard/Lee
1998Wales Donna Brongers Gough/Thomas
1999RussiaDiane Secreve Borisnova/Dobromyslova
2000WalesRhiannon Thomas Gough/Thomas
2001England Anastasia Dobromyslova Power/Stewart
2002Hungary Anastasia Dobromyslova Fekete/Orsolya
2003Wales Nicole Osthues Tucker/Hopkins
2004GermanyKate Dando Osthues/Lederbogen
2005HollandCarla MolemaMolema/Snijders
2006Wales Kimberley Lewis´Lederbogen/Goebel
2007GermanyJenny LieverkusLieverkus/Hintzsche-Oehme
2008SwedenGabreilla AsthammerOden/Asthammer
2009EnglandZoe Jones Hitchens/Jones
2010RussiaAnastasia Yakovleva Lewis/Bowen
2011EnglandAlannah WatersSherrock/Blay
2012EnglandCasey Gallagher Gallagher/Paterson
2013EnglandCasey GallagherGallagher/Eaves
2014Republic of IrelandRobin Byrne Byrne/Fox
2015UngarnLayla BrusselCzipo/Neumajer
2016EnglandBeau GreavesCzipo/Neumajer
2017NetherlandsEmine DursanRietbergen/Brussel
2018EnglandBeau GreavesGreaves/Reeves
2019EnglandTamara KovacsGreaves/Reeves

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