WDF Europe Cup

The Europe Cup is a WDF tournament which is played like the Asia/Pacific Cup and the America Cup alternately with the WDF World Cup every second year.
It first was played in 1978 - then a tournament only for the men. Since 1982 it is supplemented by a ladies tournament.

All European countries which are members of the WDF can take part.

While the World Cup, the Asia/Pacific Cup and the America Cup include youth tournaments as well the Europe Cup youth is an independent tournament which is assigned and played separately.
So the Europe Cup Youth in 2010 was played in Germany while the Europe Cup for the "Adults" will be played in Turkey.

Beside this all the Cups are very similar. As with the other Cups the Europe Cup offers a team, a pairs and a single competition for the men and a pairs and a single competition for the women and all results count for the overall ranking.
The Ladies Pairs and the Men's Teams are played in Round Robin, all other tournaments are straight knockout.

While for the World Cup the WDF itself is responsible, the Europe Cup is in the responsibility of the European Council, a sub-organisation of the WDF.

Winners Men
YearOverall TeamSingles Doubles
1978England Scotland John Lowe Bristow/Lowe
1980EnglandEnglandTony Brown Enquist/Lord
1982England England Bobby George Enquist/Lord
1984England England John Lowe Lazarenko/Whitcombe
1986EnglandEngland John Lowe Bristow/Lowe
1988England Wales Mike Gregory Lord/Karlsson
1990England England Phil Taylor Anderson/Taylor
1992EnglandEnglandPhil Taylor Sharp/Harvey
1994England EnglandSteve Beaton Burden/Phillips
1996 EnglandEngland Martin AdamsAdams/Fordham
1998Wales EnglandCo Stompe Palfrey/Phillips
2000England EnglandMitchell Crooks Stompe/Van Barneveld
2002Scotland ScotlandPeter JohnstoneAdams/King
2004Holland England Raymond van Barneveld Van Barneveld/Van der Voort
2006Holland HollandMark Webster Hanvidge/McGimpsey
2008Demark DenmarkMark Webster Adams/Walton
2010England BelgiumMartin Phillips Adams/Waites
2012Holland HollandGary Stone Dekker/Kist
2014England WalesDavid Concannon Waites/Mitchell
2016HollandEnglandRichard VeenstraVeenstra/Harms
2018EnglandSchwedenMartin HeneghanMitchell/Day

Winners Women
YearOverallSingles Doubles
1982Wales Sandra Gibb Eriksson/Sahlberg
1984England Linda Batten Batten/Kemp
1986England Jayne Kempster Kempster/Batten
1988England Sue Edwards Rogers/Thomas
1990England Sue Edwards Colclough/Edwards
1992Wales Heike Ernst Greatbatch/Speed
1994England Deta Hedman Montgomery/Hedman
1996England Francisca Hoenselaar Hedman/Solomons
1998England Denise Cassidy Gulliver/Solomons
2000Holland Trina Gulliver Hoenselaar/Krappen
2002Holland Clare Bywaters Hoenselaar/Krappen
2004England Francisca Hoenselaar Gulliver/Bywaters
2006England Trina Gulliver Gulliver/Bywaters
2008Scotland Louise Hepburn Glasö/Ekberg
2010Wales Francisca Hoenselaar Gore/Edwards
2012HollandPatricia de Peuter Krappen/Schuur
2014EnglandAnastasia Dobromyslova Armstrong/Willkomm
2016HollandSharon PrinsEdwards/Griffith
2018EnglandFiona GaylorHedman/O'Brien

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