World Masters

The World Masters, sponsored since their second year by Winmau and because of that often called Winmau World Masters, took place fort he first time at the end of August 1974 and are the oldest and longest running darts tournament of the BDO.

They really are originally a BDO tournament as the WDF was not even founded when the tournament was played first. Today the tournament is sanctioned by the WDF and organised by the BDO.
The person who had the idea for the tournament was Eddie Norman, an English darts promoter, entrepreneur and tournament secretary of the in 1973 founded BDO and he from the beginning had an international tournament on mind, some kind of "World" tournament on mind, a Master tournament as played in other sports, which would help to promote darts all over the world.
So even before he talked to Olly Croft he looked for support from his friends all over the world for example Bob McLeod and Tom Fleetwood from America or his Scottish acquaintance Frank Quinn. But he soon realised he would need Olly Croft and the new BDO as well and had no problems to convince him and his wife of the idea.
It was Olly Croft who managed to find a sponsor though only for the first year. After that Winmau took over, as even the first tournament was played on Winmau boards and it doesn't look Winmau intends to stop to sponsor it after all those years.

In the first year 22 international players lined up. In the final the at that time very popular English player Cliff Inglis defeated the as well known Scotsman Harry Heenan.

In the second year already players from 13 countries competed and 1976 the winner was no other then John Lowe. 1979 for the first time a player not from the UK reached the final -the Canadian Allan Hogg but it took some more years before the first non British player won it - the Belgian Erik Clarys in 1995. The British players still dominate the Masters but some more non British mixed under the winners like Raymond van Barneveld or Michael van Gerwen. Bob Anderson was the only one to win it in three successiv years, during one year he was World Champion as well. Eric Bristow in every year he could win the World Masters was World Champion too.

The World Masters are played in sets.

1982 a Women's Championship was introduced and 1986 a mixed youth championship which run till 1998 and then was separated into a Boys and a Girls Championship. The World Masters are always played at the last weekend in October and after several other venues seem to have settled in the Spa in Bridlington though in 2010 they have to move to Hull because of some other events in the Spa. 2016 the tournament will be played in the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green and the date changed to the beginning of December.

There are different ways to qualify for the World Masters. Some participants are decided by national qualifications. Some players are invited who played successful in the years before of have won one of the Open tournaments around the world or the World Cup or another Cup.
The WDF only invites the players, the participants have to pay everything themselves but the national organisations often take over the expenses.

The winners of the Ladies and the men's tournament are qualified for The BDO World Championship.


Winners Men
Winners Women
Winners Youth
Price Money

Winners Men

Top ⇑

1974Cliff Inglis 3:2Harry Heenan
1975Alan Evans 3:1David Jones
1976John Lowe 3:0Phil Obbard
1977Eric Bristow 3:1Paul Reynolds
1978Ronnie Davies vTony David
1979Eric Bristow 2:0Allan Hogg
1980John Lowe 2:0Rab Smith
1981Eric Bristow vJohn Lowe
1982Dave Whitcombe 2:1Jocky Wilson
1983 Eric Bristow 2:1Mike Gregory
1984Eric Bristow 3:1Keith Deller
1985Dave Whitcombe 3:0Ray Farrell
1986Bob Anderson 3:2Bob Sinnaeve
1987 Bob Anderson 3:1John Lowe
1988Bob Anderson vJohn Lowe
1989Peter Evison vEric Bristow
1990Phil Taylor vJocky Wilson
1991Rod HarringtonvPhil Taylor
1992Dennis Priestley vMike Gregory
1993Steve Beaton 3:1Les Wallace
1994Richie Burnett 3:2Steve Beaton
1995Erik Clarys 3:0Richie Burnett
1996Colin Monk 3:2Richie Burnett
1997Graham Hunt 3:2Ronnie Baxter
1998Les Wallace 3:2Alan Warriner
1999Andy Fordham 3:1Wayne Jones
2000John Walton 3:2Mervyn King
2001Raymond van Barneveld 4:2Jarkko Komula
2002Mark Dudbridge 7:4 Tony West
2003Tony West 7:6Raymond van Barneveld
2004Mervyn King 7:6Tony O'Shea
2005Raymond van Barneveld 7:3Göran Klemme
2006Michael van Gerwen 7:5Martin Adams
2007Robert Thornton 7:5Darryl Fitton
2008Martin Adams 7:6Scott Waites
2009Martin Adams 7:6Robbie Green
2010Martin Adams 7:3Stuart Kellet
2011 Scott Waites v
2012 Stephen Bunting 7:4Tony O'Shea
2013 Stephen Bunting 7:0James Wilson
2014 Martin Phillips 7:3Jamie Hughes
2015 Glen Durrant 7:3Larry Butler
2016 Glen Durrant 6:3Mark McGeeney
2017 Krzysztof Ratajski 6:1Mark McGeeney
2018 Adam Smith-Neale 6:4Glen Durrant
2019 John O'Shea 6:4Scott Waites

Winners Women

Top ⇑

1982Ann Marie Davies
1983Sonja Ralphs
1984Kathy Wones
1985Lilian Barnett
1986Kathy Wones
1987Ann Thomas
1988Mandy Solomons
1989Mandy Solomons
1990Rhian Speed
1991 Sandy Reitan
1992 Leeanne Maddock
1993Mandy Solomons
1994Deta Hedman
1995Sharon Colclough
1996 Sharon Douglas
1997Mandy Solomons
1998Karen Smith
1999Francis Hoenselaar
2000Trina Gulliver
2001Anne Kirk
2002Trina Gulliver
2003Trina Gulliver
2004Trina Gulliver
2005Trina Gulliver
2006Francis Hoenselaar
2007Karin Krappen
2008Francis Hoenselaar
2009Linda Ithurralde
2010Julie Gore
2011Lisa Ashton
2012Julie Gore
2013Deta Hedman
2014Anastasia Dobromyslova
2015Aileen de Graaf
2016Trina Gulliver
2017Lorraine Winstanley
2018Lisa Ashton
2019Lisa Ashton

Winners Youth

Top ⇑

1986Harith Lim
1987Sean Bell
1988Sean Dowling
1989Dennis Beisser
1990Craig Clancy
1991Michael Barnard
1992Leeanne Maddock
1993Jamie Caven
1994Steven de Brucker
1995 Martin Whatmough
1996 Carsten Hoffmann
1997Aaron Turner
1998Paul Higgins

Boys and Girls

1999Martin Brown 1999Janine Gough
2000Danny Ballard 2000 Janine Gough
2001Stephen Bunting2001Anastasia Dobromyslova
2002Sean McDonald 2002 Lynsey McDonald
2003Kirk Shepherd 2003 Stevis Riggs
2004Oskar Lukasiak2004 Irene Adrianova
2005Jonny Nijs 2005 Laura Tye
2006Maarten Pape 2006 Kimberley Lewis
2007Shaun Griffiths 2007 Kimberley Lewis
2008Shaun Griffiths 2008 Linda Odén
2009 Jamie Lewis 2009 Zoe Jones
2010 Reece Robinson2010 Zoe Jones
2011 Jimmy Hendriks2011 Emily Davidson
2012 Jeffrey de Zwaan2012 Fallon Sherrock
2013 Shaun Lovett2013 Casey Gallagher
2014 Colin Roelofs2014 Robyn Byrne
2015Justin van Tergouw2015 Danielle Ashton
2016Justin van Tergouw2016 Veronica Koroleva
2017Nico Blum2017 Beau Greaves
2018Jurjen van der Velde2018 Beau Greaves
2019Keane Barry2019 Katie Sheldon

Price Money

Top ⇑

Price Money Men
WinnerRunner-UpSemifinalsQuarterfinalsLast 16Last 32
201625 000 Pound10 000 Pound3 000 Pound1 500 Pound1 000 Pound250 Pound

Price Money Women
20165 000 Pound2 000 Pound7500 Pound500 Pound

Price Money WDDA
2016500 Pound300 Pound100 Pound

For the highest checkout on stage there'll be a bonus of 1 000 pound.

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