Women's Wold Matchplay

The inaugural Women's World Matchplay will be played on Sunday 24. Jly before the final of the World Matchplay in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.
The participants qualified by the Women's Series Order of Merit - they are the Top Eight after the twelfth event.

The winner of the tournament will get a place in the Grand Slam of Darts.

Price Money
202210 000 Pound5 000 Pound2 500 Pound1 500 Pound

Sunday, 24. July
(1)Lisa Ashton v (8)Chloe O'Brien
(4)Aileen de Graaf v (5)Laura Turner
(3)Fallon Sherrock v (7)Katie Sheldon
(3)Lorraine Winstanley v (6)Rhian Griffths

Quarterfinals, Best of Seven Legs
Lisa Ashton (67.55)4:0Chloe O'Brien (61.17)
Aileen de Graaf (80.63)4:1laura Turner (69.84)
Fallon Sherrock (80.61)4:2Katie Sheldon (73.78)
Lorraine Winstanley (71.98)4:3Rhian Griffiths (71.26)

Semi-Finals, Best of Nine Legs
Lisa Ashton (72.15)4:5Aileen de Graaf (73.43)
Fallon Sherrock (81.65)5:2Lorraine Winstanley (76.93)

Final, Best of Eleven Legs
Aileen de Graaf (76.30)3:6Fallon Sherrock (82.41)

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