World Seniors Matchplay 2022

Tournament Information

Friday, 1. JulyFirst and Second Round
Saturday, 2. JulyFirst and Second Round
Sunday, 3. JulyQuarterfinals, Semi-finals, Final

Friday, 1. July - First and Second Round, Best of 15 Sets
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Trina Gulliver (70.04)5:8Deta Hedman (71.51)
Keith Deller (80.65) 3:8Colin McGarry (89.73)
John Lowe (71.30)0:8Kevin Painter (85.28)
Phil Taylor (75.77) 8:4Deta Hedman (71.24)

Saturday, 2. July, First and Second Round, Best of 15 Legs
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Afternoon, First and Second Round
Tony O'Shea (83.18)7:9Brian Dawson (84.35)
Lisa Ashton (83.77)8:5Paul Hogan (86.80)
John Part (71.30)10:11Peter Manley (72.23)
Peter Evison (53.90)0:8Colin McGarry (95.43)

Evening, Second Round
Terry Jenkins (81.57)8:5Ronnie Baxter (75.37)
Brian Dawson (78.75) 5:8Robert Thornton 87.10)
Martin Adams (86.55)8:2Bob Anderson (74.93)
Lisa Ashton (80.44)8:4Larry Butler (78.16)

Sunday, 3. July
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Afternoon, Quarterfinals, Best of 15 Legs
Terry Jenkins (84.46)6:8Robert Thornton (87.79)
Lisa Ashton (75.84)0:8Martin Adams (84.68)
Phil Taylor (80.51)8:4Peter Manley (68:85)
Kevin Painter (92.18)8:5Colin McGarry (90.33)

Evening, Semi-Finals, Final
Semi-Finals, Best of 17 Legs
Martin Adams (92.29)7:9Robert Thornton (92.90)
Phil Taylor (88.44)12:10Kevin Painter (80.35)

Final, Best of 15 Legs
Robert Thornton (88.30) 12:10Phil Taylor (85.83)

Top ⇑
1Phil Taylor
2Martin Adams
3John Part
4Larry Butler
5Peter Evison
6Ronnie Baxter
7John Lowe
8Keith Deller
9Bob Anderson
10Kevin Painter
11Peter Manley
12Robert Thornton
13Lisa Ashton
14Terry Jenkins
15Deta Hedman
16Trina Gulliver
17Tony O'Shea
18Qualifier - Brian Dawson
19Qualifier - Paul Hogan
20Highest ranked not qualified player of the WSDT Ranking - Colin McGarry

Highlighted players begin tournament in Round Two

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