British Pentathlon

The British Pentathlon is an unique tournament which was invented by the founder member of the Kent Darts Organisation Sam Hawkins (passed away 2021) and organised for the first time in 1976. Hawkins stayed the organiser till 2016. From then the EDO (England Darts Organisation) hosts the event. Since 2004 a ladies event is played as well and in 2019 for the first time a Girls and a boys tournament were played as well.

Since the EDO is the events host the Pentathlons are played as a part of different EDO tournaments.

The Pentathlon is an invitations only event for twenty players.

Each players plays :
Two Legs of 501 which have to be finished with a double, round Robin Format
One Leg of 1001 which has to be finished with a double
One Leg of 2001 which has to be finished with a double
Shangi with three darts each on the numbers 1 - 9
Halve-it on 20, 16 Double 7, 14, Triple 10, 17 and bullseye
Round the Board on the Doubles from Double 1 - Double 20, every players has for this 42 darts. Should he need less for every dart the player will be awarded with a point

All achievements will be awarded with points and the number of points decides the ranking.

Martin Adams and Trina Gulliver with 13 and 8 tournament wins relatively noted down the most wins and as well keep the records in points - Adams scored 489 points, Gulliver 410.

Though players not from the UK took part before - Paul Lim for example was fourth in 1988 and one year later Canadian Bob Sinnaeve was the runner-up - Co Stompe was 2007 the first non UK winner. The only winner so far winning all disciplines in the same tournament was Lisa Ashton 2000.
Beau Greaves won in 2019 both - the for the first time played Girls event and the Ladies event.

Pentathlon Winners
1976-John Lowe--
1977- Rab Smith--
1978-John Lowe--
1979-John Lowe--
1980-John Lowe--
1981- Eric Bristow--
1982-Eric Bristow--
1983-John Lowe--
1984-John Lowe--
1985-John Lowe--
1986-John Lowe--
1987-John Lowe--
1988-Alan Warriner--
1989-Eric Bristow--
1990-Phil Taylor--
1991-Phil Taylor--
1992-Dennis Priestley--
1993-Steve Beaton--
1994-Martin Adams--
1995-Richie Burnett--
1996-Martin Adams--
1997-Ronnie Baxter--
1998-Andy Fordham--
1999-Martin Adams--
2000-Martin Adams--
2001-Martin Adams--
2002-John Walton--
2003-Andy Fordham--
2004Trina GulliverMartin Adams--
2005Trina GulliverTony Eccles--
2006Trina GulliverJohn Walton--
2007Trina GulliverCo Stompe--
2008Lisa AshtonMartin Adams--
2009Trina GulliverMartin Adams--
2010Deta HedmanJohn Walton--
2011Trina GulliverMartin Adams--
2012Trina GulliverRobert Wagner--
2013Deta HedmanJames Hurrell--
2014Deta HedmanMartin Adams--
2015Fallon SherrockJamie Hughes--
2016Trina GulliverMartin Adams--
2017Deta HedmanMartin Adams--
2018Aileen de GraafKyle McKinstry--
2019Beau GreavesMartin AdamsBeau GreavesCharly Manby
2021-Neil Duff--

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