PDC North American Championship Tour

The PDC North American Pro Tour was established in 2012. A key part in the development played the owner of the American darts magazine BEN (Bulls Eye New's) Jay Tomlinson who will officiate as tournament director.
So now those American tournaments will be organised with the help of BEN, BEN publishes the flyers und players have to register with BEN. In 2013 a North American Professional Darts Players Association shall be founded which will be financed in parts by members fees.
From 2013 the tour is called North American Championship Tour.
It is planned that the number of tournaments will grow from year to year and that the tour will in three years will be self sustained. In 2015 at least eight tournaments shall be part of the tour and the price money should be increased as well.

The price money won will be included in the North American Order of Merit. This NAOoM will be a two year ranking and it will serve to decide which players from North America will be invited to the PDC Majors especially to the PDC World Championship and the PDC World Cup but might be some other majors as well. This regulation will apply from 2013 onwards while in 2012 just the leading player after all three tournaments should he not have qualified otherwise will be invited to the PDC World Championship. Should he have already qualified the second ranked player will move up.
2013 all price money from playing the New World Dart Series events is included in the NAOoM as well.
Only residents of North America can take part in the NAPT.

In 2012 three tournaments will be played - all on a Sunday. On Friday and Saturday Warm-up tournaments are offered - with price money as well but it doesn't count for the NAOoM. During the weekend in Canada in August on Saturday the Canadian qualifier for the PDC Unicorn Youth Championship will be played

The North American Championship Tour ended with 2013. Since 2014 only a single tournament is organised as qualifier for the PDC World Championship - the PDC Spectacular - which usually takes place in August in Canada.

North American Championship Tour 2013
NWDS5. - 7. April Las Vegas, USA Winner: Darin Young
NACT 1 16. June St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada Winner: Wayne Kelly
NACT 214. July Kingston, Ontario, Canada Winner: Larry Butler
NACT 320. July Chicago, USA Winner: Andre Carman
NACT 421. July Chicago, USA Winner: Larry Butler
NACT 525. August London, Ontario, Canada Winner: Jim Long
NACT 68. September Atlantic City, USA Winner: Dan Olson
NACT 72. November Sacramento, USA Winner: Chris White
NACT 83. November Sacramento, USA Winner: Darin Young
NWDS23. - 25. November New Orleans, USA Winner:

North American Pro Tour 2012
NAPT 1 22. July Chicago, USA Winner: John Part
NAPT 2 26. August London, Ontario, Canada Winner: Andre Carman
NAPT 39. September Atlantic City, USA Winner: Larry Butler

Price Money
WinnerRunner-upSemi-FinalQuarterfinalLast 16Last 32Last 64 (more then 128 part.)
20122000 Dollar1400 Dollar800 Dollar400 Dollar200 Dollar100 Dollar-
20132200 Dollar1400 Dollar800 Dollar400 Dollar200 Dollar100 Dollar50 Dollar

PDC North American Order of Merit 2013 From 9. September
1Darin Young, USA
2Larry Butler, USA
3Dan Olson, Canada
4Andre Carmann, Canada
5John Part, Canada
6Ryan Barnette, USA
7Ross Snook, Canada
8Bernie Miller, Canada
9Jim Long, Canada
10Shaun Narain, Canada
11Wayne Kelly, Canada
12Chris White, USA
13Bob Sinnaeve, Canada
14Gary Mawson, USA
15Jeff Smith, Canada
16Steve Panuncialman, USA
17Ralph McCool, USA
18Robert Rohlfing, USA
19Bruce Davey, Canada
20Gordon Dixon, USA
21Ken MacNeil, Canada
22Tim Nicoll, USA
23Dave Switzer, Canada
24Oliver Jones, Canada
25Tom Sawyer, USA

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