BDO Women's World Championship

The BDO started to organise a Women's World Championship in 2001 in Lakseside.
From the beginning Trina Gulliver was the dominating player and probably she was one of the players who stood up to achieve such a tournament.

The Women's World Championship of the BDO is played during the BDO Lakeside World Championship every year at the beginning of January. Qualified are the top for ladies of the BDO/WDF Ranking and four women who have qualified otherwise for example as the winner of the World Masters.

The format is very short, best of three sets best of five legs each and was often criticized but till no without any consequences. Trina Gulliver till now reached every final and was beaten only twice - in 2008 by Anastasia Dobromyslova, who shortly afterwards changed to the PDC and in 2009 by Francis Hoenselaar, her long time rival and close friend.
Gulliver and Hoenselaar as well played the best final till now; 2004 Gulliver had a three-dart average of 87.03 and Hoenselaar one of 85.44.
The price money of the tournament is compared to the men's price money almost ridiculous. In 2010 it were 6000 pound for the winner compared to 100 000 for the male winner.

One can always hear there is not much interest in the ladies tournament and usually there is almost nothing televised on Eurosport.
Since 2010 there exists a "Rival" tournament of the PDC, but neither the English Top Ladies nor the Dutch one took part.
In 2013 the BDO announced that the field of participants would be enlarged to 16. The participants will be decided as before by the BDO Invitational Table and the International Play-Offs

After the end of the BDO from 2022 the Women's World Championship will be part of the WDF World Championships.

  • BDO Women World Champions

2001Trina Gulliver2:1Mandy Solomons
2002Trina Gulliver2:1Francis Hoenselaar
2003Trina Gulliver2:0Anne Kirk
2004Trina Gulliver2:0Francis Hoenselaar
2005Trina Gulliver2:0Francis Hoenselaar
2006Trina Gulliver2:0Francis Hoenselaar
2007Trina Gulliver2:1Francis Hoenselaar
2008Anastasia Dobromyslova2:0Trina Gulliver
2009Francis Hoenselaar2:1Trina Gulliver
2010Trina Gulliver2:0Rhian Edwards
2011Trina Gulliver2:0Rhian Edwards
2012Anastasia Dobromyslova2:1Deta Hedman
2013Anastasia Dobromyslova2:1Lisa Ashton
2014Lisa Ashton3:2Deta Hedman
2015Lisa Ashton3:1Fallon Sherrock
2016Trina Gulliver3:2Deta Hedman
2017Lisa Ashton3:0Corrine Hammond
2018Lisa Ashton3:1Anastasia Dobromyslova
2019Mikuru Suzuki3:0Lorraine Winstanley
2020Mikuru Suzuki3:0Lisa Ashton

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