John Bowles Darts

The Darts Performance Centre has placed a new dart on the market - the John Bowles Signature Dart. While the Performance Darts of the DPC were designed to answer the needs of most dart players the John Bowles Darts were designed to the wishes and ideas of PDC Player John Bowles.

Important for him was a specially structured grip area which would allow him to grip the darts always at the same place - for Bowles one of the requirements of a consistent throw.

The darts are from 90 percent tungsten and at the moment only can be bought in 25 g - the weight used by John Bowles.
The dart barrel is 51 mm long and gets imperceptibly around 1 mm thicker to the point. The grip area itself is 35 mm long - a rippled 17 mm area is followed by a smooth area of 5 mm. Subsequently is another rippled area with 13 mm which ends around 4 mm before the point end of the barrel. The center of gravity of the barrel lies in the first rippled area before the smooth part of the grip area.

The John Bowles darts are a little bit less grippy then the Performance darts so might be players who prefer an aggressive grip will not feel comfortable with them. For me the grip feels agreeable and totally adequate.

The dart lies good in the hand and is unproblematically to play. The flight characteristics are as outstanding as those of the Performance Darts. Together with the provided shafts and flights one gets a well-balanced setup. The darts seem to fly without a big effort purposeful in the direction of the target.
The darts are well made and all three darts weigh exactly the same.

The John Bowles darts are delivered together with a set of white bubble stems, a set of Ruthless "Bulldog" flights and a set of Ruthless "Union Jack" flights in a black wallet. The shafts don't really look durable - the only and not too severe point of criticism.

Conclusion: An absolutely commendable dart - well and neatly made with outstanding flight characteristics. For a signature dart it is very favorable priced.

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