24 g Darts Performance Centre 02 Darts/Elementary Range

Here is what The Rev, Adrian Underwood thought of our new Elementary Darts range

The 90 percent tungsten 02s are part of The Darts Performance Elementary range which are a welcome addition to their excellent offering of quality, balanced and well thought out darts. These darts which I have had the pleasure of testing in a weight of 24g, ( they also come in 22g) are exceptional value at 19.95 and are intended to honour The Darts Performance Centre's commitment to helping players of all abilities improve especially in this case, the developing player.
Having said that, and having played with these darts for several hours now, I can assure you that these darts are far better than a mere starter package and rival many far more expensive models for quality and functionality.

The Package:
In the now familiar DPC packaging, along with the barrels you get some medium durable white nylon stems and one set of Pentathlon transparent flights which are of reasonable quality.

The 02s are equipped with a shot black point, have their balance point in the centre and a traditional ringed grip. This is the style of grip has been used by many top professionals both past and present and because it is so tried and tested it is an excellent grip for any player from beginner to budding professional.
The ring grip on the 02s is slightly deeper cut than say for example that on darts popularised by Eric Bristow, Tony O'Shea and now more recently Rob Cross. This means that they have a grip approaching level 4. This grip combined with the gently contoured shape of the dart which sits in the hand extremely comfortably, allows for both a firm grip and an effortless release. The ring grip runs almost the full length of the dart from the laser etched DPC logo at the rear to the tapered nose which of course helps close grouping of the darts.

In Action:
The 02s are basically a joy to throw. They are well balanced, feel lighter to throw than their 24g and they give the player plenty of control to target those trebles and important doubles. On the first afternoon after I received the 02s I enlisted the help of my 10 year old son to give them a throw. We ended up playing for two hours and we had superb fun, both hitting plenty of big scores and doubles.
Because these darts are uncomplicated and simple to throw, you can instantly focus on your game and improving your technique without worrying about your darts. I think that that's why we enjoyed playing with them so much!
I've gone on to throw the 02s for three quarters of an hour each day for over a week now, have thrown plenty of good legs and the darts have suffered little visible wear and tear. When I try new darts I always ask myself whether I'd be confident to take them to a league game. The answer for the 02s is a definite yes, given a couple of weeks practice.

We now live in a world where marketing strategies continually tell us that expensive means quality and the latest new features mean better performance. This is certainly not always the case in darts and the 02s by the Darts Performance Centre prove it.
Throwing them for a while will convince any player that in your hand you have a good quality set of darts which are simple and a joy to use and which will be a more than adequate companion through the hours of hard work that are needed to seriously improve.
You can also be quietly smug that you've spent less than twenty quid! So whether you're new to darts, or are stuck in a rut or simply need to divert your attention away from your equipment onto your game I'd highly recommend you get yourself a set.

Author: Adrian Underwood

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