24 g Darts Performance Centre 01 Darts/Elementary Range

John C puts our new darts through one of his thorough examinations!
Wednesday 13:00. While I'm getting ready for work the postman rings the bell and delivers me this dart set kindly sent to me from DPC for a review. Thank you very much Paul Gillings and DPC for the opportunity. I was in a rush to leave for work but i couldn't resist giving them at least a throw.
My first three darts landed everywhere (like always) but the second throw is a ton (not really grouped to be honest). So I told myself, just relax and enjoy three more darts with rushing. And.... BOOM 180!!! After taking the photo a got greedy and wanted more resulting being late 15 minutes.

Packaging and Contents:
The darts come in the usual plastic package and inside you will find, beside the darts, a slim plastic case, a set of red medium shafts and a set of red n black R4X standard shape flights.

The darts are straight with a nice tapered nose and a really unique grip all over the barrel besides the smooth logo dart. They are really long and quite slim. The black and red colors give them an old-school look. The diamond shape cuts in the nose add something nice to the look of them and they look and feel really well made.

The Grip:
The first thing you will notice to them is the grip. Is quite unique (at least for me) but is base in the standard ring grip. The special thing about it is the wide hollowed grooves. It gave me a really great and secure feeling without having any sharp edges on them and this is what I love about them.
It's medium aggressive but not slippy. You can throw them securely without releasing problems. The only players who could have a problem are rear grippers. If it happens to grip this darts in the smooth part you lose all the advantages of the barrel. But if not the smooth part is a really good guide to where you place your thumb.

Most of the aggressive grip darts, base their grip in the sharpness of the cut edges. This results in having a grippy darts for a week or two (max a month) and after that ending up with a dart with totally different grip from what you had. This grip will stay there for long long time. This is a style of grip is difficult to wear off.

Throwing the DPC's Elementary 01 Darts:
Unluckily I'm a rear gripper who likes 25gr darts and not longer than 50-51mm. So, from the beginning I knew that they would be not close to what I'm used to.
I tried three different setups, extra short, short and medium shafts with big standard flights and with all of them three different grip (from the front, middle and rear of the barrel).
Gripping to the front was strange to me because its quite far from what i'm used but the grip is amazing. Trying to grip from here with medium stems gave my some fishtailing problems because the darts are long by themselves. The best experience I got was gripping from the middle and resting my.finger in the front section.

With any setup the darts fly great and smooth, landing like I'm used to and without any fishtailing. I got really well grouped shots in different areas of the board. Of course i enjoyed more throwing them with my standard setup (short shafts). middle finger in the front section.

Weight-matching: The weights of the three darts were 23,73gr, 23,74gr and 23,75gr. So with maximum difference of 0,02gr (min to max) they are perfectly matched.

  • Design: 9
  • Grip: 7 (great medium aggressive grip)
  • Weight Match: 9
  • Suitability for me: 6 (really long for me)
  • Price: 10 (its a bargain price)
  • Overall: 8 I once again really enjoyed throwing a DPC's set of darts. They are really well made with a great, quite unique, grip that will last "for ever". The grip is really secure and the lack of sharp edges gives you the ability of a smooth release.

After trying different setups and grip I believe that this darts will perfectly suite a player who likes long barrels and grip them in the front or the middle of the barrel. The painted sections are cosmetic but like always DPC's darts try to guide you where to grip them.

So for me placing your thumb in the middle painted section and your middle finger in the front one you will get the best experience of them (at least it worked for me) Their retail price is 19,95 pound and they are also available in 26gr. You can buy them and explore the full range here.

Once again, thank you DPC for sending me this great set of darts and well done on designing a new great set. I hope you enjoyed my review and find it useful to decide.

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