Darts Performance Dual Grip Darts - a review

Review of the Dart Performance Center (DPC) Dual Grip 25gram 90 percent Tungsten Darts

This is the second DPC's set i own, after the Elite performance. Two days after i got the Elites they released the Dual Grip and i thought i want them. I was lucky enough to get the first place of a PDC World Championship of Darts Prediction Contest and get a 25pounds voucher from the Dart Performance Center Shop. Once again excellent communication and they didnt even asked from me the extra 3.5pounds for the postage needed. A review by Ioannis Kosmidis.

Packaging and Contents:
The darts come in a plastic box. Beside the darts, inside you will find:
  1. a plastic slim case
  2. a set of two-tone standard poly-flights
  3. a set of a two tone transparent shafts

The barrels aren't totally straight. From the nose till the end of the smooth logo section they are straight and from the microgrip section till the rear end the become slimmer. The lines are really well cut and they look well made. Here are some photos of the darts from different angles and close ups.
The only thing that i would change is the nose. I would like it to be a bit more tapered instead of the round nose they have.
The Grip:
When you get a dart that its named Dual Grip the first thing you notice is the grip. They have grip all over the barrel except the area where the DPC logo is placed.
In the front of the barrel there is a nice ringed grip. The grooves are deep and wide enough. This will provide a nice grip for the front grippers.
In the rear there is deep grooves again but the rings are a bit wider in order to be combined with a nice microgrip which is placed over them. Really nice combination. The grip in the rear section feels less aggressive than the one in the front but is what you need to secure your throw. The rear grippers will love it.
About the middle grippers (like me) the smooth section isn't an issue. For me it works perfect. It helps me to know where my thumb is cause i place it right in the back of the smooth section but as every dart which have a smooth section you are unlucky if your grip leads you there.

To sum up, if you are an extremely front gripper the grip is really nice there and look's that it will last for long.
If you are a middle gripper the smooth section helps you to find your spot any time and be consistent.
If you are a rear gripper you will love the combination of deep rings and microgrip.
The players who will get the most of it though, are the players who grip the dart in the middle or rear an place their other finger in the front section. This would give you them the full Dual Grip feel.
For me though my middle finger is placed in the nose of the dart, touching the point so the front-section grip doesn't really matter.
Throwing the DPC's Dual Grip Darts:
After putting my standard set up (short nylon shafts and standard flights), i started.

I really enjoyed throwing them. I got many well grouped throws and they land in the board with my usual angle. The feel really well balanced and the smooth section helped me to find a consistent grip. I'm using the DPC Elite Performance, as my match darts, at the time so it was strange at the beginning to feel a not so tapered nose but after a couple of minutes i got used to it.

I was planning to have a 30 minutes session with them but somewhere in the middle i forgot it so i spent something more than an hour throwing and having fun. Here are some photos of my throwing session. As always started with Tops and 2/3 was my first throw (nice start) and then go all over the board 20s, 19s, 18s, D 16, Bull.
Throwing at the bull was exciting for me with many consecutive throws hitting the double and generally grouped shots. (this was the section that i forgot to stop :

The balance point of the barrel itself is almost 3mm in front of the center (2.93mm).
With my setup (short nylon shaft - standard 100 poly flight) the balance point mover 2.28mm to the rear (so 0.65mm in front of the center)
and with medium nylon shafts moves about 1.2mm more to the rear (0.55mm back of the center)
so i guess with intermediate shafts it would be just int the center.

The barrels are really well balanced. And the balance point feel just right for me and my grip.
Weight matching:
The three barrels weights are 25.01gr, 25.01gr and 25.02gr
They are actually identical, excellent.

Lenght: 51.1mm
Diameter: Max 7.2mm /Min:5.95mm
Design: 8
Grip: 8
Overall: 8

I really enjoyed throwing and owning these DPC'sset. Good grip, nice cut rings and lines and really well balanced. The weight matching is excellent again. They are perfect for my throw and it was a pleasure to communicate with DPC costumer service again. Top guys and fast delivery to Greece. This is the second set of DPC's darts i get and i get the feeling that their design and made FROM players FOR player.
Well done again DPC.

Their retail price is about 25 pounds and they also available in 23grams.

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