Summary of Goal Setting

This section has shown that goal setting is an important method of:
  • Deciding how committed you are to your sport
  • Deciding what is important for you to achieve, and what is irrelevant
  • Motivating yourself to achievement
  • Building your self-confidence based on measured achievement of goals

You can set goals effectively by:
  • Phrasing them positively
  • Defining them precisely
  • Prioritising multiple goals
  • Writing them down
  • Keeping them manageable: Not too hard, but not too easy.
  • Setting performance goals, not outcome goals

Failure in meeting goals is useful in improving technique and long term success as long as you draw useful lessons from it and feed these back into your training program.

You should allow yourself to enjoy the achievement of goals and reward yourself appropriately. Lessons should be drawn where appropriate, and should be fed back into training.

As a final point, if you do not already set goals, or if you have not yet focussed on your life goals, now is a great time to start!

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