Practice Game 4 - Darts Performance Centre

This practice game was sent to me and I like it. It is a small twist on the round the clock doubles and perhaps of interest to double in players.

Stan's Practice Game
This game is for both doubling in and doubling out practice.

Each player gets 3 darts each at each double 1 to 20. If you hit the double with your first or second dart you use your spare dart(s) to go for as many points as possible. So if you hit double one with your first dart you would then have 2 shots at treble 20 for example. Note down how many points you score every time in this part of the game.

After your opponent has thrown you then go for double 2 and go through the same routine. If you hit your double with your third dart it is your opponent's throw and you go for the next double in the sequence on your next throw.

/ You only move on to the next double once you have hit it. Set the amount of throws you are going to have and the winner is the player that gets the furthest around the board. If it's a tie the player that has scored the most points is the winner!

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