Practice Game 3 - Darts Performance Centre

We like practice games that replicate what you have to do in a match, challenge you and help you learn new things. This game has it all!

Monkey Business
The aim of the game is to focus on hitting the twenty and to get to 500 points (You can adjust this depending on your level but try 500 points to start with and go higher if you find it too easy). Keep bashing away at the 20 BUT if you stray into the 1 or the 5 you re-set your score to 0.
There are two key areas we like here:
  • First of all it is a great drill for keeping straight.

  • Secondly, don't "run for cover" if you are blocking the treble-just go for it anyway or try to pop the dart into the vacant area in the fat part of the 20. you often need a single 20 to get on a double so you are practising dodging a dart already in the board.

Also you may surprise yourself by hitting a 60 in a bed you would normally think was blocked. You will of course get bounce outs too. But by doing so you will learn when to stick with the 20 bed and when to bring your cover shot into play!

Play for 15 minutes and record your best score.

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