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Talking of 140 checkouts, how many darts would it take you to hit that on average?

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We only deal in 3 darts at the Darts Performance Centre. So, on average would it take you 3 darts, 6 darts or fewer, 9 darts or fewer, 12 etc etc to hit a 140?

Have five goes at it and five at these checkouts too:

First of all it is a nice quick game even for those struggling for practice time. Even 5 to 10 minutes a day practice will make a difference so don't ever think just because you only have limited opportunities to practise it is a waste of time.

Secondly predict how many darts you think you will need for each checkout and what, on average over the 10 throws your score might be? This is a great lesson in looking at your skills in a more objective way and getting an accurate idea of where exactly your skill level is. Thirdly, once you have an average for each checkout you have a target to beat for next time.

If you take your practice seriously, having a target to beat can add a little pressure to your practice if you are really determined to beat your score. Practising with a bit of pressure is the most valuable type of practice as it reflects more accuratley how you play in a competitive match.

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