The word "dartitis" was minted in the 1970's by Tony Wood the editor of "Darts World".
According to the Oxford English Dictionary Dartitis is a "state of nervousness which prevents a player from releasing a dart at the right moment when throwing - this is today the official and established definition.

This definition addresses the most serious variant. Dartitis is in general use in the first instance a condition were the performance drops because a player has no longer the control over his/her darts.

Certainly the best known player who suffered from Dartitis is Eric Bristow. A PDC player who totally recovered is Mark Walsh. But to be sure there are innumerable kwon and unknown dart players who suffered and recovered or suffer at this moment from it.

Here you'll find experience reports from persons concerned, thoughts of players and advice and tips which might help to overcome the condition. All conform to that it is possible to overcome dartitis. But you'll need some patience and you have to find out which is your way to do it.

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