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5. November 2013
Tour Mates
The PDC published a series of short interviews in which the players are asked about their colleagues. The questions are more of the "just kidding" kind like "Who is the most intelligent?", "Who is the best singer and dancer"? or "Who is the worst dressed"? and more of the same kind.
Paul Nicholson
Adrian Lewis
John Part und Wayne Mardle
Kevin Painter
Justin Pipe
Andy Hamilton
Gary Anderson
Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen

Three year old accepted by darts academy
A small boy is the latest sensation of the English darts scene.
Three year old Kane Luter is the youngest member of Steve Brown's dart academy in Britstol. Usually the earliest age to enter is eigth years but the boy shows an astonishing amount of talent. Kane started to play when he was one year old. He can't score but he's rather accurate. Kane practises at least three hours a day, he would love to do nothing else all day.
Kane's achievements are especially remarkable as the boy has a whole in his heart and is all the time medically surveilled.
Here a short Video:
Kane Luter

Trina Gulliver on the Isle of Man
During the Isle of Man International Darts Festival Trina Gulliver together with fellow darts player Emma Spencer helped a woman with health problems. Emma had observed from the balcony of the venue how a woman had fainted on the pavement outside and she and Trina went to help her. They accompanied her to a pub nearby and Emma then went to search for the woman's car. Luckily she met a police patrol car and they handed the woman to them and returned to the venue to continue to play the competition. As one hears it was a typical reaction for Trina who is described as a kind-hearted and unselfish person.

Trina managed to reach the quarterfinals of the tournament...

"World Championship Splinters"
Often players after winning a big title are asked what they intend to do with the price money. Some years ago John Part told he intends to buy a new car, as his old one was no good any longer after somebody had collided with him.
Adrian Lewis was asked as well and he said that probably he would have around 30 000 pound left from the 200 000 pound price money. There were quite a lot of taxes and contributions to be payed and he first of all had to pay his tax debts of 108 000 pound. He said he had been rather careless with his money when he was younger. Now I of course wonder : "Will Lewis be able to get a millionaire by playings darts one day as well"?

Nobody asked Martin Adams what he intends to do with his price money but Adams revealed what he intends to do with his winning darts. First of all he told us it are MP3 darts specially designed for him in Germany. Adams seems to be a fan of the British royal dynasty - he intends to give the darts together with flowers to Prince William and Kate Middleton as a wedding present. As he comments "They will probably appeal more to him than to Kate - because in any marriage it's the geezer who goes out on a Wednesday night for a game of darts down the pub with his mates to get away from the old trouble and strife." (Daily Mirror)
I would love to know which Pub Prince William visits every Wednesday night...

Interesting things one heard as well about Adams opponent Dean Winstanley who seems to wear always the same lucky pants when he stands at the oche. The BBC commentators discussed how often and when those are washed.

Yet another BDO player turned out to be rather individual - while most players use high-tech darts Garry Thompson plays 40 year old brass darts he inherited from his father. But he can score with a walk-on song which was composed specially for him by the punk band Geoffrey Oilcott from Leeds after the members had seen him play: Glory, Glory, Garry Thompson. One can of course debate the literary quality of the text but which other dart player has to show such a song? Not even Phil Taylor!

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