UK Open Qualifier 8, Birmingham

On Sunday morning after a full English breakfast I decided to explore the canals further and walked along them to the Jewellery Quarter where you can find one jeweller beside the other. There were not many people around on Sunday morning but it was quite interesting to see some nice old houses there. I walked back through the city centre where then all the shops had opened.

When I arrived at the NIA the draw was already over and Tommy Cox called players, officials and markers to there boards.
In the UK the players don't have to chalk themselves any longer. Thanks to an initiative by Dave Ahmet by now during most of the Pro Tour events there are enough voluntary markers for all 16 boards. Those markers pay all their expenses themselves and untiring they do the chalking over the day on "their" boards. The players really estimate it and the markers seem to enjoy it and are focused and faults are rare.

Bernd Roith was lucky on Sunday and didn't have to play preliminary round - he only had to win his first round match to qualify for the UK Open what he did. Michael Rosenauer would have needed to get into round four - quite hard and he didn't manage. So Bernd Roith will be the only German playing the UK Open.

During preliminary round I watched John Part playing Adam Hunt and lose - there were two legs in the match in which he couldn't finish despite having six darts for finishes of just over or under 40. So it was a pitch dark weekend for the three times World Champion who had lost first round on Saturday. I then watched Kevin Painter against Dyson Parody and Kevin had really to fight for the win. Simon Whitlock demolished James Richardson - the player sponsored by the "Stars of Darts" forum. Rather entertaining was it to watch Ted Hankey's antics which were lost at the not impressed Start Kellett. Bernd Roith lost second round to Kim Huybrechts but had his chances. Kim Huybrechts lost in third round to Alex Roy who had quite a run at the weekend.

Justin Pipe against Colin Osborne was a quite evenly matched game. Justin won and without a break then played against young James Hubbard. He had some more problems with him then with his following opponent- Joe Cullen- in the semi-finals. And without a break the final followed - for Pipe the fourth match in a row without a short break to recover a little bit and one could see he was more tired then Wes Newton - his opponent - who had more time to recover from his other matches. On Sunday even more players had left directly after there lost matches, the markers had left too so the final was watched only by Dave Allen, a few officials and around eight people including me still in the venue.

And here some more statistics from the Sunday:

Adam Hunt 6:5 John Part, Preliminary Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Adam Hunt86,261152-2
John Part86,7276821101

Bernd Roith 6:5 Paul Rowley, First Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Bernd Roith82,61941-4
Paul Rowley79,98---4

Simon Whitlock 6:1 James Richardson, First Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Simon Whitlock103,41034-3
James Richardson84,751831--

Kevin Painter 6:5 Dyson Parody, First Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Kevin Painter88,31364-2
Dyson Parody76,41021--

Robert Thornton 6:2 Simon Whitlock, Fourth Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Robert Thornton106,1111011363
Simon Whitlock98,891262-1

Andy Smith 6:0 Alex Roy, Fourth Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Andy Smith104,6782-3
Alex Roy99,3951-2

Justin Pipe 6:4 Colin Osborne, Fourth Round
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Andy Hamilton99,51093963
Kevin Painter8996--1

Justin Pipe 6:3 James Hubbard, Semi-Final
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Justin Pipe86,5139--1
James Hubbard87,512311411

Wes Newton 6:2 Justin Pipe, Final
NameAverage100+140+180High FinishLegs against Throw
Wes Newton104,167921463
Justin Pipe103,81462-1

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