The WDDA - World Disability Darts Association - was founded in 2012 by Australian Russ Strobel.
The organization was the result of a campaign to include wheelchair players into mainstream darts. 2009 in Australia a wheelchair player had send a submission to Darts Australia, which revolved around the use of a board for wheelchair players in an accordingly adjusted height. From the submission a big campaign developed, which ended with the approval of the lowered board height and the certification of the Wildfire 137 frame by the WDF in October 2012. So now fair competition between players in wheelchairs and standing players is possible.
The official height of the lowered board is 1.37 m from the Bullseye. At the moment WDF, Winmau and WDDA work to include Wildfire in the Winmau World Masters 2014.

While the campaign ended with such a positive result it soon became explicit that more was necessary to really integrate people with disabilities into the sport which has an enormous potential for the disabled. WDDA was founded to support both disabled and not disabled to support in the efforts with an adequate board. Beside WDDA plans (and already organized) integral events and helps others to organize those.
To be able to involve more people with disabilities the Satellite was developed to include those who can't throw a dart.

The WDDA board has 12 members who will be in office for one year. The board members come from around the world and each has different skills and knowledge to offer. Most known at the moment is Doctor Darts Patrick Chaplin.

Everybody can become a member of WDDA. Membership and all support and help offered are free.
The WDDA is sponsored by Winmau - Winmau produces the equipment as well. Financed is the organization by the sale of WDDA badges, WDDA shirts and medallions. One can buy those over the homepage.

You can find the WDDA Homepage here: WDDA

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