The ADO is the national steel darts organisation of the USA and a founder member of the WDF.
The ADO divided America in six areas which are divided in regions. There are six area directors whom several regional directors are assigned to. Beside this the ADO has got an own youth manager but to be sure youth work is one of the weak points of the organisation.

The ADO was founded 1975 by Tom Fleetwood and started with 30 Clubs with around 7500 members. On the peak in 1986 there were around 345 clubs and organisations member of the ADO - it has reduced till today to 250 Clubs with around 50 000 members.

The ADO is worked more or less sole with volunteers.
Since 2010 the director is Buddy Bartoletti. In 2014 he was replaced by David Hascup and one hopes he'll manage to make the ADO fit for the future.
Members can be clubs or organisations or individuals.
The member fees and the tournament entrance money are used for the prices of the regional and national championships and for the national team.

The ADO has got an own magazine called "Eagle" which was published first time in 1978.

The ADO doesn't organise tournaments - it only sanctions tournaments organised by the members, when they are organises according to the ADO rules.
All tournaments in the USA are organised privately and price money comes off the entrance fee and might be sponsors. Individuals, clubs or organisation who want to organise an ADO sanctioned tournament have to enjoy a good reputation and have to be able to guarantee the price money which should at least be $ 1000. The ADO only sanctions Open tournaments which are really open to everybody.

The members also organise regional play offs through which one can qualify for the participation at the World Masters, the ADO Stars Teams and the National team. You are only allowed to take part in the play-offs of the region you live. Foreigners can take part as well should they live already for six months and a day in the USA.
All the regional qualifiers then meet in the national final including the winners of the year before.
Every year another region organises the nation singles and the national cricket championship.

By playing sanctioned tournaments one can win points for the National Ranking - the more participants and the higher the price money of a tournament the more points one will gain. By playing in the national team or play international tournaments as an ADO representative one can earn points as well.

National American Single Champions

1990Rick NeyKathy Maloney
1991Rudy HernandezKathy Maloney
1992Dave KelleyStacy Bromberg
1993Jim WatkinsSandy Reitan
1994Jim WatkinsKathy Maloney
1995Rudy HernandezLori Verrier
1996Jim WidmayerLori Verrier
1997Paul LimStacy Bromberg
1998Steve BrownStacy Bromberg
1999Jerry UmbergerStacy Bromberg
2000Luis MartinezStacy Bromberg
2001Chris WhiteCarolyn Mars
2002Ray CarverCarolyn Mars
2003Dieter SchutschStacy Bromberg
2004Scott WollastonStacy Bromberg
2005Scott WollastonMarilyn Popp
2006Tim GrossmanStacy Bromberg
2007Chris HelmsStacy Bromberg
2008Brad WethingtonChristina Medina
2009Tim GrossmanStacy Bromberg
2010Darin YoungStacy Bromberg
2011Robbie PhillipsStacy Bromberg
2012Larry ButlerStacy Bromberg
2013Darin YoungCarolyn Mars
2014Leonard GatesSandy Hudson

You can find the ADO homepage here: ADO

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