The IDPA = International Dart Players Organisation was founded in 1994 after the split as a substitute for the PDPA now was part of the PDC.
It is recognized from the WDF and it's national organisation though it calls itself independent.

The IDPA sees itself as an important platform for cooperation and discussion between the players and the national organisations around the world.
The IDPA helps the players with legal and financial matters, helps with travelling, flights and accommodation, one could book through them and register for tournaments through them. It tries to help players looking for sponsoring, with contracts and with marketing.
On it's homepage the players find all important news and all the necessary information and in a special member's forum they can interchange.
The IDPA has it's own ranking for tournaments sanctioned by the organisation and the IDPA looks after amateurs and professional players the same. All can use the service.

The IDPA runs the "Academy", which all members can play and which counts for the ranking.
In 2011 the Academy will be completed by the foundation which will include the Top 64 men and 32 women. Where those top players will come from is not known yet only that they have to member of an organisation recognised by the IDPA, the BDO and the WDF.
Both the Academy and the Foundation will have their own ranking. At the end of the year the last eight men and the last four women of the foundation ranking are relegated into the Academy while the top eight men and the four top women of the Academy will promote into the Foundation.
The IDPA announced for 2011 a super series of darts for the top players with a series of 11 monthly midweek tournaments throughout the year.

It's not known how many members the IDPA has but it is known that at least Martin Fitzmaurice, Martin Adams, John Walton, Ross Montgomery and Trina Gulliver are board members.

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