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The company Puma Darts was founded 1970 in Katikati and is still family owned. After the dead of founder John McCormick today his children are in charge - daughter Julie Carson who is responsible for the marketing and son Peter who's the leading manager.

Already under John McCormick there was a strong bond to the NZDC - John McCormick was the patron as is now his son Peter McCormick.
Since 1999 Puma is the official sponsor of the WDF World Cup of Darts.

The complete production till today takes place in Katikati in New Zealand - only a few parts are outsourced in subsidiary firms in China and Taiwan. Now-a-days not much is still produced by hand, most is produced by special machines designed by own engineers.

Originally Puma only supplied the New Zealand and Australian market, today 70 countries all over the world are supplied though the European market at the moment is dominated by other manufacturers.

Puma produces the complete range of darting equipment: Dartboards, Steel darts, Soft darts, Dart cases and accessoiries. The newest product line is called "Shot!" and covers boards, darts and accessories as well. It came on the market in 2009. With "Shot!" Puma tries to reach the "demanding" dart player as well and to expand into the USA and Europe. Some North American players and by now the English player Matt "Superman" Clark are appointed ambassadors and advertise with own signature darts. "Shot!" is produced in the headquarters in New Zealand as well. It can't be sold under the name "Puma" as an at least in Europe well known sportswear and sports shoes producer bears the same name.

Puma sponsors some Australian and New Zealand players and a few from Asia - between them Scott Mackenzie who took part in the PDC World Championship 2011 for Hong Kong.

Shot/Puma has got an own homepage you can find here: ShotDarts

Shot! 905 Two - 23 g

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