New Zealand Darts Council

The New Zealand Darts Council is one of the oldest national darts organisations which still exists - it was founded already in 1955 and is since then responsible for the sport of Darts in New Zealand.

The NZDC was one of the founder members of the WDF and probably dominated in the beginning by English Immigrants who brought the sport to New Zealand.
Every Dart Organisation in New Zealand can join the Darts Council.

The NZDC organises several ranking tournaments. Some of those are open for everybody, some are only for members and a part of both kinds of tournaments counts for the WDF ranking - the most important are the New Zealand open plaed since 1983 and the New Zealand Masters played since 1992.

The NZDC organises a U 24 Championship and a Youth Championship.

The Darts Council has divided New Zealand in 16 regions all with an own board. Once a year all meet. For the Darts Council coaching is an important area of the sport of darts and there exist trained coaches. On the homepage you can even find a "Beginners Guide to Coaching". Puma, a dart manufacturer from New Zealand, is patron of the New Zealand Darts Council. You can find the homepage here: NZDC

New Zealand Open

1983Dale Frampton
1984Dale Frampton
1986Gordon Allpress
1988C. Channel
1989Preston Ridd
1990Barry Whittaker
1991Barry Whittaker
1992Z. Taua
1993Preston Ridd
1994Barry Templeton
1995Murray Smith
1996Preston Ridd
1997Herbie Nathan
1998Herbie Nathan
1999Warren Parry
2000Warren Parry
2001Alan Thompson
2002Robert Grant
2003Peter Hunt
2004Robert Grant
2005Warren Parry
2006Tony David
2007Herbie Nathan
2008Derek Samson
2009Koha Kokiri
2010Peter Hunt
2011Aaron "Tungsten" Nicholson

New Zealand Masters

1992Steve Turdeich-
1993Peter Hunt-
1994Murray Smith-
1995John Sinclair-
1996Barry Whittaker-
1997Peter Hunt-
1998Peter Hunt-
1999Peter Hunt-
2000Neville Moss-
2001Preston Ridd-
2002Peter Hunt-
2003Robert Green-
2004Herbie NathanPreston Ridd
2005Simon WhitlockBernie Smith
2006Craig PullenPeter Hunt
2007Warren ParryNeville Moss
2008Bernie Smith Wayne Carey
2009Peter Hunt Greg Moss
2010Peter Hunt Bernie Smith
2011Craig Caldwell Koha Kokiri

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