Darts in New Zealand

Darts in New Zealand is like many parts of the life characterized by Great Britain. In 1840 New Zealand got a British colony only to hinder the French to annex the country and stayed it till in 1907 when it got more or less independent though till today the British king or queen are the head of state.
The immigrants till today come mainly from Europe and predominantly from Great Britain.
Of course the immigrants brought with them their culture and till today clubs in New Zealand are an important part of cultural life and with the clubs came the darts as part of the range of leisure time facilities.

Darts was found at least till the 1950s and usually was and still is played 501. The clubs are administered by the Clubs New Zealand and the dart clubs all belong to the Clubs New Zealand Dart Association, a branch of Clubs New Zealand.

In 1955 the first national darts organisation was founded and it exists till today - the New Zealand Darts Council. The NZDC was later one of the founder members of the WDF and there were and still are from time to time dart players from New Zealand who take part in the BDO World Championship in Lakeside.
Dart Players from New Zealand can win points for the WDF/BDO rankings by playing the New Zealand Open of the New Zealand masters - both WDF/BDO ranked tournaments.

The two organisations never merged though they talked about it. They always existed parallel and the national championship which is played since 1968 a little bit astonishing always was and is organised by the Clubs New Zealand Darts Organisation.

When the PDC was founded soon it got interesting for the players from New Zealand as well and for some years already players from New Zealand can qualify for the PDC World Championship by winning the national championship of the CNZDA.
Beside this there exists now a New Zealand branch of the Dart players Australia, the DPNZ, which works together with the CNZDA and which would like to install some kind of New Zealand tour as well.
Of course dart players from New Zealand can take part in the DPA tour in Australia.
Beside this for all dart players from Australia and New Zealand there exists the chance to qualify for the PDC World Championship by winning the Oceanic Masters.

At the moment to top players from New Zealand are Peter Hunt - who already took part four times at the BDO World Championship - and Bernie Smith who is not yet as well known internationally on the WDF/BDO and NZDC side and Preston Ridd, Phil Hazel, Warren French and Warren Parry on the CNZDA/DPNZ side, who all already took part in the PDC World Championship.

New Zealand beside all this has to offer something really special for dart players - an own dart manufacturer: Puma Darts founded in 1970 and still family owned and with the head quarters still in New Zealand. Puma is a sponsor of many dart tournaments in New Zealand and Australia from all organisations and sponsors a few players as well. Till recently Puma more or less was only to be found in New Zealand, Australia and Asia but they try now to with the new production line "Shot" to gain a foothold in North America and Europe as well.

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