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The DFA - Darts Federation Australia, now "darts australia" - was founded at the beginning of the 1970's. It was not one of the founder members of the WDF but later joined as the governing body of darts in Australia.

The DFA organises the Australian national championship, the regional championships of the states and territories of Australia and puts together the national team for international tournaments. In the national championship only the best players from the states and territories take part who have won through national preliminary rounds.

Besides this the DFA organises the Grand Prix Circuit, a series of DFA/BDO/WDF tournaments in Australia. It consists of the Australian Grand Masters (played since 1983), the Central Coast Classics, the NSW Masters, the Pacific Masters Sunshine State Classics, the Victorian Open and the West Coast Classics. The tournaments take place all over Australia in different states and territories.

Beside the national championship since 2010 an Under 25 Championship is played with Singles, Doubles, Team competition and a Pentathlon for both young women and young men.

The DFA is organiser of the Pacific Masters and in turn with other countries from Asia and the Pacific region organiser of the Asia-Pacific-Cup which takes place every second year in between the WDF World Cup.

Under the roof of the DFA developed an own "Legends" championship which in beginning was thought to bring players back into darts who are older then 45 years. The "Legends" first met in 1997, their first championship was played in 1999 and since then is played every year.
But not all states take part, only players from 4 states are involved till now.

While PUMA originally was the main sponsor since 2010 Formula - an Australian dart manufacturer and importer of darts equipment sponsors the DFA and all tournaments are played on the Formula 1 Board.

The DFA was the first darts organisation of the world to offer coaching by examined coaches of the levels 0 - 2. Those are supposed to encourage the players to practice and through this to better the quality of the players. The coaches are supervised and have to further educate themselves.
All states and territories have an own coaching director.
On the coaching plan are lessons in techniques (how to grip a dart, what to do with the elbow), stance at the oche, equipment and how to hang up your board, Hotshot board for young players and learning of rules and out charts.

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